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International Baccalaureate: Languages

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  1. During my school life, I had many teachers. But there are two teachers that impressed me the most. After I finished my middle school in Chicago, We moved to Los Angeles for my dads job.

    Students knew that he will be giving us a small test based on last class, unlikely other teachers he won't give us any grads in that test but what he does is he will ask questions based on that test, for instance he asked a question after the test "what is the formula of water" ? and all students shout out "H20", with this Mr. Shah can see if student has given right answers, if some students get it wrong they have not embarrassed themselves by individually raising their hand and announcing their mistake.

    • Word count: 786
  2. Heart of Darkness 1

    simile describing the railway-truck to be like a carcass, imagery of "dead" or "dying" machinery - "dark things seemed to stir feebly" - the use of the word "feebly" depicts a sense of powerlessness - "heavy and dull detonation...", "walked erect and slow" - usage of the words "heavy", "dull", "erect", "slow" adding to a dying or dark setting - "black rags were wound round their loins, and the short ends behind waggled to an fro like tails", "iron collar"

    • Word count: 538
  3. Tempest notes

    after "Thy false uncle"(77) � to create tension and emphasis - repetition of "false", as in "thy false uncle"(77) and "my false brother" (92): needs to drill in the point that Antonio is evil etc. while Prospero is virtuous and kind - multiple negative meanings/connotations to the word "false" (such as untruthful, disloyal, unfaithful, misleading, deceptive, treacherous, corrupt, falsify, cheat) - "who to trash for overtopping"(81) � irony, as Antonio "overtops" Prospero of his position as Duke of Milan - "key" (83) � pun, leading to metaphor of "set all hearts i' th' state/ To what tune pleased his ear"(85-86)

    • Word count: 766
  4. Heart of Darkness 4

    As Marlow says, "Light came out of this river since - you say knights?", the readers sense an immediate praise of the Roman's warriors. As well, he says that "darkness was here yesterday," as he ponders of the "feelings of a commander of a fine [...] trireme in the Mediterranean, ordered suddenly to the north; run overland across the Gauls." Through this, Conrad manages to undermine the English. He described the Roman soldiers as "lost in a wilderness", and describes England, this wilderness, with words such as: "cold, fog, tempest, disease, exile, and death".

    • Word count: 549
  5. Heart of Darkness 3

    * "bent double, leaping, gliding, distinct, incomplete, evanescent" o Asyndetic list makes the native people appear more human, like the Europeans. They are capable of doing so many different things, that do not necessarily allude to primitiveness. Rather, "leaping" and "gliding" implies a dexterity; "incomplete" and "evanescent", in the context of this battle, makes the natives appear more capable in terms of battle strategies, something that implies intelligence. * "The man had rolled on his back and stared straight up at me; both his hands clutched that cane" o The African helmsman, despite having just been struck by a spear, appears to be rather calm.

    • Word count: 643
  6. Tempest 1

    o Constant use of exclamation marks "Heigh my hearts! Cheerly! Cheerly, my hearts! Yare Yare!... if room enough! - create a sense of anxiety due to exclamations as well as the context of the words o "We split! We split! ...Yare lower! Lower!" Again the use of alliteration emphasizes the disaster that is to occur and the deadly effects and consequences it brings for the boatmen, and the royal family aboard, also strengthened by the exclamation marks. (can also be regarded as background technique for those who wish to use that in their commentary ) o "A plague upon this howling" is auditory imagery, as we can imagine the loud noises of the chaos and the scrambling to

    • Word count: 726
  7. Spanish Oral Outline

    Mayor�a de las personas les robaron cuando est�n en las vacaciones. En Barcelona, hay muchas carteristas en todas las partes de la ciudad, especialmente en el centro de la ciudad, como en Pl. Catalunya, donde hay muchas turistas. Vi en el internet que hab�a una historia sobre la experiencia que una turista ten�a cuando estaba aqu� en Barcelona.

    • Word count: 277
  8. This I Believe

    Growing up in her shadow, I was always too afraid to stand up to her, too afraid to sing. When I tried to sing along with her, my voice sounded like a discordant organ in comparison to her flutelike voice. I eventually stopped singing in public altogether, only allowing myself to sing in the shower where nobody else could hear me. Whenever she sang, I sat there, mute, and just waited for her to finish, never joining in.

    • Word count: 511
  9. Effects of Bullying

    Individual factors: Children who are active and impulsive in temperament may be more inclined to develop into bullies. With boys, physical strength compared to age peers also seems to be a characteristic, which is associated with bullying. School factors: The social context and supervision at school have been shown to play a major part in the frequency and severity of bullying problems. The effects of bullying can be serious and even fatal. Victims of bullying typically are very unhappy children who suffer from fear, anxiety, and low self-esteem as a result of they bullying.

    • Word count: 569
  10. The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver

    She has no clue of where to go due to her lack of travel experience. She does not trust the travellers' brochures at the gas station because her driving experiences gives an idea that these places are dirty and full of "ladies in fifties hairdos", perhaps hinting low-class prostitutes. It is implied to us that she is a pessimist with a complex mind. She does not listen to others and only believes in herself. The line, "its abundance of potato bugs and gossips" tells us that the write dislikes the place (Pittman)

    • Word count: 509
  11. FIFA corruption

    Depuis 1996, Oceania President Charlie Dempsey, a exprim� son soutien pour l'Afrique du Sud de accueillir le coupe du monde de football de 2010 d�s que possible, et apr�s tout, Il n'a pas �t� �tonnant quand l'Afrique du Sud s'est appel� � c�t� du Br�sil, l'Angleterre et l'Allemagne en h�te potentiel pour le coupe du monde de 2006.

    • Word count: 585
  12. Conflict in 'The Death Of A Salesman'

    Throughout the scene there is a lot of evidence showing conflict with what appears to be the real side of Willy's mind, and the side where he is fantasising and dreaming. We see the two sides of the mind conflict, as it often occurs that as Willy is talking to a person in reality, his mind wanders and he begins to talk to someone in what appears to be a fantasy, or him reminiscing of a past time. There is major conflict in his brain, and you know that Willy is suffering from crippling self-delusion and we can tell this

    • Word count: 681
  13. Monologue of Eliezer Wiesels Reflection in the Mirror from Wiesels Night

    He blames their inhuman treatment of the Jews and he no doubt despises their ignorance to their suffering. This is a monologue of Elie's thoughts right after the liberation of Buchenwald, so he is only 17 years old. Therefore, I portrayed him as a child who is still lost and confused, but has no doubt witnessed more horrors than any grown man has ever endured. Elie is emotionally scarred by the events; he is ashamed for abandoning his father and he regrets losing his faith in God. Although born as an Orthodox Jew, Elie was young enough to have a complete reversal of faith.

    • Word count: 950
  14. Les Differenciations Academiques

    Afin de pouvoir atteindre ce but, la differenciation au sein du systeme scolaire est primordiale. Ceci inclut la differenciation des eleves problematiques, handicapes ou ayant des lacunes scolaires, ainsi que les differenciations linguistiquses et des transfers dans les differents etablissements. A l'ecole, on nous apprend a travailler en groupes et on nous enseigne aussi en groupes. Pour certains eleves, cette methode leur convient a merveille tandis que pour ceux qui ont des difficultes telles qu'un handicap ou tout simplement des lacunes, ceci n'est pas un systeme ideal. Il faut donc parvenir a trouver une solution pour qu'ils puissent se rattrapes au sein ainsi qu'en dehors de la classe, sans pour autant etre exclu du groupe.

    • Word count: 673
  15. Paris et Haussmann Construction ou Destruction ? Dans larticle, Comment Paris est devenu Paris Luvre dHaussmann, nous apprenons un peu plus propos des conditions dans lesquelles lle se trouvait avant les travaux.

    L'article d�crit Paris comme une " cit� m�di�vale sans structure, pauvre et mal fam�e ". les immeubles et b�timents �taient tous tellement coll�s les uns aux autres que tous les beaux monuments demeuraient cach�s derri�re ces constructions. Il n'y avait ni syst�me d'�vacuation des eaux us�es, et ni d'eau courante. Le manque d'hygi�ne de la capitale attira donc deux �pid�mies entre 1832 et 1849Paris, pendant ce temps,ce qui n'�tait pas digne d'une capitale.

    • Word count: 433
  16. Thowalix

    • Word count: 701
  17. Review of le Petit Prince

    L'histoire est tr�s br�ve mais charmante. Elle exprime le d�sir d'un �crivain fatigu� de la vie pour un monde plus sinc�re et libre. L'histoire est surr�el et un peu bizarre - elle parle d'un extraterrestre avec aucun compr�hension du monde des hommes ; un petit prince qui voit � travers les caisses et qui habite sur un ast�ro�de.

    • Word count: 368
  18. Crickets. Ive discovered that I hate crickets. Even now as I sit, diligently doing work at my desk, their metronome of relentless annoyance permeates through the walls and into my ears.

    Over and over it goes so that I can't focus on anything but their ungodly calls. My work is soon shoved aside as this monotonous noise becomes in sync with the banging of my head to the desk. I hate crickets. These bugs are way too happy for their own good. Not only taking the shape of my least favorite bug, the grasshopper, they shrink themselves to become masters of hide and seek. Their inky bodies camouflage flawlessly into the shadows beneath a bush or inside the garage.

    • Word count: 588
  19. Presentation on Cassius

    Will you be pricked in number of our friends, or shall we on, and not depend on you?" From this passage, we can see that Cassius is very mad and mean to Anthony, because Anthony was praising Caesar, and Cassius is the conspirator against Julius Caesar. From what he said, the mood of him talking to his enemy is very tough, and won't have any soft words. Also in this scene, when Cassius talk to Brutus behind Anthony, he is actually using another mood to talk, "You know not what you do, do not consent, that Anthony speak in his funeral, know you how much the people may be moved, by that which he will utter?"

    • Word count: 587
  20. Sexual division between men and women

    Through Prior's character, it also proves the emasculation of men as they are becoming softer and shy. Besides that, "the yellow tinge to their skin" proves that the women were no longer particular about their beauty during this time of war. They feel that they did not have a need to attract men with the reason being that they do not need men to provide for them anymore. Another example would be in page 199, where the girls in the munition factory talked about sex and abortion.

    • Word count: 974
  21. Comment on the significance of the last paragraph of Chapter 2 of the novel Atonement

    Furthermore, "her movements were savage and she would not meet his eye" illustrates Cecilia's anger and annoyance towards Robbie as he did not feel any guilt the moment the vase was broken. At the same time, that sentence also shows Cecilia's shyness as she refuses to make any eye contact with Robbie because he had witnessed her being in only her underwear. It makes the readers question whether was Cecilia angry at Robbie for what he did or did she feel shy because she had deep feelings for him.

    • Word count: 508
  22. Othello Essay

    This is what Iago plans, that Othello believes him but suspect Cassio and Desdemona, therefore becomes jealous. Since Iago has stay with Othello for a long time, he knows Othello's personality well; that he is credulous, so Iago believes Othello will believe him once he tells him Desdemona is in love with Cassio. After this, Othello starts to do what Iago tells him to do because Othello thinks Iago is always thinking for him, and what Iago plans for him will give him evidence of the fact that Desdemona is in love with Cassio. In Act four Scene one, Iago plans a trick that make Cassio talk about how he is in love with his lover, Bianca;

    • Word count: 940
  23. The decay of lying

    He is describing the obsession of realism that existed in the XIX century. Oscar defends the thesis that art of his time, especially literature and theatre, are corrupted because they are becoming a mirror of the lived reality exposed at a raw state without artifice. At this count, art, which do not dare to cultivate beautiful lies that fertilize the imagination, becomes sterile and deeply annoying. It is thus reduced to the limitation punt and servile of the life and of the nature raised to the rank of false ideals. However, following Wilde, if art takes life among the rough elements in his work, it will recreate it and shapes it in new forms.

    • Word count: 715
  24. The Relationship Between Iago and Women

    By giving Iago the handkerchief, Emilia contributes to the downfall of Othello. With the handkerchief, Iago can make it appear as if Desdemona gave one of Othello's cherished gifts away to Cassio. Because of this, the seed of jealously that was previously planted in Othello's mind would be allowed to grow even further. Emilia's giving of the handkerchief to Iago was intentional, yet she did not give it to him with the purpose of doing Desdemona harm.

    • Word count: 465
  25. Free essay

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