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A Worn Path of Travel

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´╗┐Paradee, Johanna Paradee Mr. Archambault English 129 1 June 2011 The Worn Path of Rescue I believe in dirt roads; where boys who messed around in the sandbox now drive the tractors they once idolized over; where girls find the safety they long for; where parents of all ages watch as their children grow; reflecting on their own adolescent years. These easily forgotten, worn out paths, represent a way of life; a hidden kingdom for one to escape to when modern day life gets overwhelming. The year between January 2007 and January 2008 was the roughest year of my life. In less than a week I had been informed that my Aunt Beth and my mother?s dearest friend Kathy had both been diagnosed with cancer. ...read more.


Here my thoughts could travel from the darkest thoughts, filled with tears and anger, to the better things in life by simply looking around and seeing all the incredible things life has to offer. I learned to be myself here. Everything taught me new lessons; whether it be the how wind blew in those unsheltered areas atop Sand Hill and reminded me at least I had a shelter to return to, the way the road was full of ruts and reminded me I wasn?t the only person in the world, or the way the wildlife respected one another (the geese distancing itself from the already present mallards when the stream over flooded, the deer creating a path for themselves and all others to come, the cows getting flies off each others back, etc.) ...read more.


Death wasn?t my only issue in that year (I also went through some emotional and physical struggles with my body) but the dirt road saved me from it all. Now I understand that it may have just been a stepping stone on my way to crossing over the stream; but without that stone I know I never would have succeeded. That old dirt road sign will soon be mine when the town replaces them, and when life takes me away from that road physically that sign will be there to remind me that I always have my inner strength. My belief in the dirt road will help carry me on as I move on with my life; making me forever more thankful for my ancestors creation of those old dirt roads. ...read more.

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