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After Apple Picking Explication

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The poem, "After Apple Picking" by Robert Frost dramatizes the conflict between the hard work of apple picking and the feeling of fatigue, laziness, and lack of motivation. Moreover, this leads to the idea that the speaker's choices and decisions about this hard work have shaped his life. The speaker of the poem is tired after a long day's work of picking apples. However we find that the speaker has been tired since the morning when he looked through the "pane of glass," which was on the surface of frozen water. He explains that he feels tired and can feel sleep coming on. The speaker questions whether it is just an ordinary sleep or something more. Similar to other poems by Robert Frost, "After Apple Picking" contains many vivid images of nature. ...read more.


The poem is taking place during the season of winter. The season of winter is symbolically related to death because it is the "death" of the year. The hibernation of the woodchuck also may represent death. In the poem, the speaker is expressing his feelings after a hard day's work of picking apples. The line, "My long two-pointed ladder's sticking through a tree," shows ladder in the poem belongs to the apple picker. The word "long" and the "o" sound stress how tired the speaker is from going up and down the ladder. The line, "Toward heaven still," describes how the speaker is standing on his ladder looking up towards heaven. Perhaps, the apples represent life's responsibilities and chores and he is awaiting death but "heaven" is blocked by these responsibilities. The line, "But I am done with apple picking now," shows that the speaker is decisive and knows when to quit picking apples. ...read more.


Magnified apples appear and reappear," suggest that his dream is repeating. The lines, "Of load on load of apples coming in" and "For I have had too much Of apple picking: I am overtired" also show that the speaker is physically and mentally tired. The colon in the sentence also emphasizes his tiredness. The line "There were ten thousand thousand fruit to touch," contains the word "thousand" twice which makes it seem like the number of apples he is picking is infinite. The line, "Cherish in hand, lift down, and not let fall," contains many commas, which creates pauses and also shows that the speaker is very tired. In the poem "Apple-Picking", the apples represent the choices and decisions the speaker makes in his life. The speaker's choices and decisions, both good and bad, have shaped his life and fate. The title is "After Apple Picking" which illustrates a reflection upon the speaker's after everything is over. I like this poem because it is easy relate to what he is feeling. ...read more.

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