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Alternative ending to "things fall apart"

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International Baccalaureate Diploma The Sultan's School Literary Unit "Things Fall Apart" "Alternative Ending" Candidate Number: Candidate Name: Tamim Al-Tamimi Word count: 840 words Rationale In the novel Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo committed a crime and had to leave the village for seven years. After he arrived back to Umuoafia, he saw that the white men have changed a lot of things and many of his kinsmen joined the white men. I am writing this task as an alternative ending to Things Fall Apart novel. I chose this because I thought that another ending to this novel will make some people wake from their sleeping and defend for themselves and their countries. The purpose of this alternative ending is to inform that nothing is going to change if you just stand spectating the terrorism. I also want to tell that every man needs to be responsible for his village and himself. My audience for this is people who just let other people take their place and kill whoever disobeys them. ...read more.


However, he wandered more about his village's reaction. He lay with a satisfied heart. In the next morning, Okonkwo called for the men of Umuoafia to a meeting in the market place. He bellowed the like always and then began his speech. "As you all know, the district commissioner can come here any time and can murder or kidnap anybody. Therefore, you should not let any kids or women go anywhere without any adult near them and every adult should have a matchet and a gun for self defense. We can't let these racist people beat us and take over our village". The crowd replied like roaring lions:"YAAAH". They regained their courage after what happened and didn't want to make another mistake which will make it their clan's end. During the afternoon, Alfredo's wives were washing clothes near the river and his sons were playing and swimming peacefully. And suddenly, a white man rushed towards one of the kids when Alfredo stepped out from the shade and shot the white man who collapsed like a dying flower. ...read more.


"How could my son be an Agbala?" He thought. But he also remembered Ikemefuna. "If only he hasn't died, Nwoye would have been like me. I was a foolish person when I killed him. But nothing will change now". The district commissioner didn't think that Okonkwo was this clever. He had done things easier in Okonkwo's absence. He didn't dare to do more than that so he retreated from the village and went to his master in Umuro. "Please, master, don't make me go to that fearful place again" He asked with a bowed head. Umuoafia released the messengers when they knew that the commissioner has left. Umuoafia returned as it once was. Okonkwo was the strongest man and he ruled Umuoafia with a heavy hand and he delivered peace to all the citizens. Ezinma was married by -Obierika's son- Khalfan. Hake; Ezinma's sister; was married by Romeo, Alfredo's son. All the sons of Okonkwo were wrestlers and gained a title after the other. They soon became responsible for their own families and were leaders of the clan. Okonkwo was proud of all that happened to his village and family and died with a pure heart. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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