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an evil spirit

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"AN EVIL SPIRIT" by MICHAEL DRAYTON Michael Drayton was born in 1563 and he was died in 1631. He is one of the most popular sonneteers. "An Evil Spirit" is one of the most outstanding sonnets of him. "An Evil Spirit" is popular as it is a sonnet in "Idea" which is a collection of nine pastorals in which he celebrated his own love-sorrows. "Idea" and "An Evil Spirit" are essential as they are products of a real sorrow of love. Drayton becomes besotted with his boss's daughter, Anne, and he starts writing about her on his great and passionate love for her. Even he continues writing about his love, despair and Anne's beauty after her marriage. "An Evil Spirit" is not only a sonnet or a poem but it is a sharp reflection of his true feelings, love, despair and moreover his loyalty to his platonic love. Anne's beauty haunts him and tortures him althrough his life, he never marries and always lives with such desperate love. In that sonnet, reader meets with an extraordinary phase of love in which he experiences an extreme pain. Moreover, beauty of Anne is described as "an evil spirit" that Drayton wants to deprive of but he can't. "An Evil Spirit" can be analyzed in several different kinds of categories; theme, tone, mood, atmosphere, form and structure, poetic devices, lexical choice, grammar and meaning. ...read more.


despairs-...tears, ...death-...breath/...evil-....devil". All those rhymes give a rhythm to the poem and that rhythm emphasizes a great sorrow and pain of the omniscient speaker. Another important point is that there are some words with emphatic stress beside the syllable stress. For instance, the word "evil" has an emphatic stress as it is an essential word in the emphasis of the context. He is deeply in love with a woman and his love, her beauty become a spirit in him; it becomes a part of him. However that part of his spirit is "evil" as that love and beauty hurt him. For this reason the word "evil" must be emphasized. Punctuation in the poem is another vital aspect that influences the rhythm of the poem. There is an interesting point that three quatrains are written as a single sentence while the couplet is another sentence on its own. Each quatrain is divided by semicolons whereas each line is divided by commas. An evil spirit your beauty haunts me still, ...................................................possessed, .................................................................ill, ............................................................rest; It shows us that there is unity in those three quatrains in terms of meaning while the couplet, the end part reflects another meaning. Three quatrains emphasize the pain of love and beauty, how he wants to get rid of that love but how he is tightly binded to love and beauty. ...read more.


All in all, in "An Evil Spirit" Michael Drayton emphasizes his own love, sorrow and the destructively powerful beauty of a woman; Anne. That poem arouses emotions by highly effective language. Drayton does a very successful lexical choice for versifying his own sorrow. Readers not only read the sonnet but also feel, perceive the sonnet. It is impossible to discard the pain in the poem, it makes the reader cry and it tempts reader to drown himself/herself in tears and he makes everyone feel like giving up breath in sighing. He reflects his feeling through various kinds of poetic devices, he doesn't say "she" for the spirit but he says "in me "it" speaks", he never uses the word "love" although he experiences a great love-pain and by these ways "an evil spirit" highly affects the reader. Everyone reads between the lines and investigates the "evil spirit" torturing themselves who realizes that they are carrying a torch for something like Drayton's love to Anne. For these reasons "An evil spirit" is one of the most outstanding and popular poems of Michael Drayton. To sum up, words are inadequate for explaining Drayton's pain but may be those lines which are written by his friend Shakespeare clarifies the pain and meaning of love for Drayton; "Two loves I have, of comfort and despair, Which like two spirits do suggest me still The better angel is a man right fair, The worser spirit a woman, colour'd ill." ...read more.

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