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Book Essay. In Elizabeth Gilberts story of self-discovery, Eat, Pray, Love , a woman none other than the author herself, embarks on a journey of discovery for happiness

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´╗┐Book Dinner Essay Assignment: A Woman?s Lust for Self-Discovery through Italy, India, and Indonesia 1A AP English Trebert Xavier Stewart ________________ Who am I? This is a question frequently asked by those who are lost, confused, or in process of discovering their self- identity. In Elizabeth Gilbert?s story of self-discovery, Eat, Pray, Love , a woman none other than the author herself, embarks on a journey of discovery for happiness, God, and herself after a traumatic divorce which leaves her in a vulnerable, frightened, and confused state of mind. After a lifelong dream of traveling the globe, Gilbert, attempts to find pleasure and balance in her life once again by taking on the thrill of traveling abroad to the countries of Italy, India, and Indonesia in hopes of fullfilling her life-long wish. While in ?the Boot?, she satifies her hunger with the exquistite taste of Italy with Gelati and Pizza, learns the romantic Italian language, and invests her time in a heart-racing soccer game during which she discovers the true meaning of passion with the help of her new friends, who celebrate a loss by enjoying the eternal night of Italy at the bakery eating cream puffs. ...read more.


As she arrived in Bali, she is appalled by the amazing town of Ubud, which is ?located in the mountains, surrounded by terraced rice paddles and innumerable Hindu temples, with rivers that cut fast through deep canyons of jungle and volcanoes visible on the horizon?(217) She uses this pathos to allow the readers to travel and experience Gilbert?s self-transformation with her. Rhetorical questions, seen regularly throughout the narrative, give the reader an opportunity to have an unheard input and comprehend the types of dilemmas and tribulations being faced by Gilbert at the time. As she decides she wants to learn Italian, and speak life from a new tongue she questions, ?Why not just bone up on the French or Russian I?d already studied years ago? Or learn to speak Spanish, the better to help me communicate with millions of my fellow Americans? What was I going to do with Italian? (32)? She asks these questions, not merely to involve the reader, but to depict the narrator?s true emotions about the language of Italian. By the evidence provided, it can be concluded that these rhetorical devices play a grand role in showing her emotions and ambitions in her journey to attain her proper self. ...read more.


I want to save my people." The group's operations cost about $327 a day, but sponsored donations only cover 22 days a month. Krishnan subsidizes the shortfall with $88 he receives in monthly rent from a home his grandfather gave him. Krishnan sleeps in Akshaya's modest kitchen with his few co-workers. Since investing his entire savings of $2,500 in 2002, he has taken no salary and subsists with the help of his once-unsupportive parents. "They had a lot of pain because they had spent a lot on my education," he said. "I asked my mother, 'Please come with me, see what I am doing.' After coming back home, my mother said, 'You feed all those people, the rest of the lifetime I am there, I will feed you.' I'm living for Akshaya. My parents are taking care of me." For lack of funding, the organization has been forced to halt construction on Akshaya Home, Krishnan's vision of a dormitory where he can provide shelter for the people he helps. Despite the demands and few comforts his lifestyle affords, Krishnan says he's enjoying his life. "Now I am feeling so comfortable and so happy," he says. "I have a passion, I enjoy my work. I want to live with my people." ...read more.

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