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Chapter 17 and 18 of Fielas Child

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Hello class Author: Dalene Matthee Today I will teach you on chapter 17 and the beginning of chapter 18of the book Fielas Child Ok so as everybody should already know, in chapter 15 Master Petrus had promised Fiela and Selling that he would personally go to the magistrate and find out what happened to Benjamin and where he was. Fiela was confident because she knew that the magistrate wouldn't just shut the door to Petrus. This gave Fiela hope and she was able to sleep well again. This shows us how much confidence Fiela has in Master Petrus. For the entire time in which Benjamin has been gone she hadn't slept well once, however once she knew that Master Petrus was looking into the issue she was able to sleep well again. I think that this was a great way in which the author, Dalene Matthee showed us how confident Fiela was that Master Petrus would be able to find out where Benjamin was staying. At the beginning of chapter 17 Fiela is trying to make Kicker and Pollie mate, even though everybody is secretly worried about Benjamin. Fiela and Selling are both worried that Master Petrus is taking so long, however they conclude that time is good as the magistrate would need to send for Benjamin and his things, and this would take time.. ...read more.


I like the way Fielas hopes to get her son back were rejected. I like this because now I believe that Fiela will continue fighting for her child. Fielas struggles to get Benjamin back make the book very interesting. I think that the chapter was also written very well as the action builds up and then we find out that Master Petrus couldn't get Benjamin back. Quote She was torn by worry and anger. 'Benjamin is no longer a child, he'll know what's happened to him! He'll understand. I have to go to him to explain to him how the minds of mad people work! I have to go and tell him! This quote shows us that Fiela dosent accept the news that Master Petrus gave her. This probably means that Fiela will continue fighting for her child. Chapter 18 In chapter 18 the story switches to the van Rooyen household. The chapter starts with Benjamin working on cutting notches in a pole, while pitying himself as he realizes that his mother is not coming for him. Benjamin then tries praying however he isn't sure what to say, he then prays for his old family, even for kicker and Pollie yet not for the van Rooyen family. ...read more.


I even expected Benjamin to pray for both of the ostriches, as he knows that they will provide a lot of income for his old family. However I was quite shocked that Benjamin didn't pray for any of the van Rooyen family. This shows how little he cares for any of them. When Elias said that the easy to climb tree was for him I was stunned. Most people would choose the life of their children before theirs, however Elias decided that the tree which he can climb the fastest Is his. This shocked me as I always thought that Elias dearly loved his children and was just strict to them. The rising action in this theme was when Elias told Nina and Benjamin to dig. I believe that this will soon be important as they can be trampled by the elephants. I think that something bad will happen involving elephants with the pit. I didn't really like the first half of this scene a lot. The reason for this was that nothing that was very interesting happened. However I believe that soon something very interesting will happen in the book. Quote 'What are you listening for, Pa' Nina asked. 'Nothing.' The man seemed afraid of something. This quote shows symbolizes that soon something bad will happen. This is because Elias is scared, even though he usually isn't scared when he is in the forest. ...read more.

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