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Christmas - origins, traditions and ideas for making gifts.

Extracts from this document...


SATURS lpp. About Christmas... 4 Why is Christmas celebrated on December 25th? 4 Presents and Gifts 4 Candy Canes 4 Christmas Trees 4 Stockings 5 Carolling 5 Sleigh Rides 5 Christmas Cards 5 Jack Frost 5 Mistletoe 5 Holly 6 The North Pole and Flying Reindeer 6 Christmas Eve 6 Santa Claus 6 Elves 6 Davanas, davaninas... 7 Gift suggestions 8 Christmas Trees 15 Choosing a Tree 15 Keeping a Tree 15 Decorating a Tree 15 Outdoor Decorations 17 Choosing Lights and Decorations 17 Putting Up Outdoor Lights 17 Other Decorations 19 The Christmas Kitchen 20 The Christmas Bathroom 20 Advent Calendar 21 Construction Tip 21 Make the Ornaments 21 Pattern 23 Christmas Wreath 24 Making A Christmas Wreath 24 Symbolism of the Advent Wreath 24 The Christmas Star 25 Garland of Greenery 26 Making The Wreath 26 Home decorating and quick crafty tips 27 Pienacis vates sniegaviru un engelmatu laiks! 28 Sleepy Haven's Christmas Dictionary 29 Gingerbread Cottage 33 Making The Cottage 34 Idejas Ziemassvetku galdam 35 Isteni tautiski edieni 36 Koca jeb kukis 36 Grudenis 36 Tauk�keti zirni 36 Speka rau�i 36 Cukas cepetis 36 Zoss cepetis 37 Piparkukas 37 Cietas Piparkukas 2 37 Ticejumi 38 Zilesim nakotni! 39 Seno latvie�u tradicija - apdzieda�ana 39 Tautasdziesmas 40 Ziemassvetku dzeja 41 SVETA VESTNESE 41 SVECU SMAR�A 41 ZIEMASSVETKOS 41 ZIEMASSVETKU VAKARS 41 RAU, SVETKU EGLITE 41 SVETKU VAKARA 41 ZIEMAS SAULGRIE�OS 42 EGLES ZARS 42 ZIEMASSVETKU ROZE 42 About Christmas... Why is Christmas celebrated on December 25th? It is believed that the birth of Christ did not occur in winter but most likely in the fall. So why do we celebrate on December 25? Long ago, approximately the 4th century AD, there was a pagan holiday celebrated in December honouring the pagan god Mithras. The Catholic Church wished to diminish the celebration so they decided to celebrate the birth of Christ during this time. ...read more.


They are usually shaped a bit like a fishhook, and although they do not have barbs, they can get stuck in bad places -- like a small throat -- quite easily. Another hazard is the ornament itself: glass ornaments break easily, and the pieces can cut you or your child. (Personally, if I had small children in the house I would leave the glass ornaments in storage until the kids were big enough to have the ornaments around safely.) Still another potential hazard is greenery, some of which can be poisonous. Mistletoe is notorious in this regard, although it's usually hung high enough to be out of children's reach. Pine branches aren't usually poisonous (but the needles can hurt your mouth). There are many other things to watch out for. Pretty much all of these are a matter of common sense; know what your child is capable of getting into, and then be sure that s/he is kept away from anything that can't be played with safely. The Christmas Kitchen by http://www.roo.com/ I am a firm believer in decorating every room. I know, most people don't do it. The kitchen is the perfect place to decorate, mainly because we spend so much time in the kitchen, especially around the holidays. And, if you're one of those people who don't like spend a lot of time in the kitchen (like me), maybe you will be happier in a Christmas Kitchen. I've finally decided on my kitchen theme - Gingerbread! I don't know why it's taken me so long to think of that. Here are some simple ideas to get you started. * Hang Christmas cookie cutters around the kitchen. Tie back curtains with them, hang them with ribbons from your door knobs and cabinet handles. Just think, when you go to make cookies you won't have to look for them. * "Wrap" your cabinets. No - I'm not that tacky. ...read more.


Cik laimes pilni bernu vaigi! Cik liksmi vini raugas, smej! Un neskaitami englu pulki, Tiem lidz iek� debess dzied un dej: "Mums �odien Pestitajs ir dzimis, Vin� visus �elos, pacietis Un nems pie sevis laimes majas, Kad beigsies zemes mu�s mums iss." (Eduards Veidenbaums) SVETKU VAKARA Gaisa sniedzin� sidrabaini laistas, Augsti tornos zvani saldi dzied: Visas sejas laimigas un skaistas, Ielu uguns panorama zied. Aizveja pie dzelzu setas platas, Kur zem kokiem gai�i mirdz kads nams, Skrandains puisits stav viens pats un skatas, Kailos pirkstus dva�a sildidams. Luk, tur aug�a, otra stava loga, Dziesma skan, un svecu gaisma maigs Noliecas par berniem balta toga Ziemassvetku vectetina vaigs... Un aiz setas dzel�ainas un saltas, Kur starp kokiem tikko redzams nams, Skrandains puisits stav uz ielas baltas, Kailos pirkstus dva�a sildidams. (Janis Ziemelnieks) ZIEMAS SAULGRIE�OS Zvaig�nota sega, �aurslie�u kamanas, beris sniega virpuli skrejiena slaikuma grieza, likumu metot. Uzjumas kupena bieza abelu darza, - sniegmates durvis kads veris. Taltalas, mu�vecas majas. Ticeja vecie: Saulgrie�u burviba, kutis atkal atburti runajot pusnakti zirgi, saimnieku saucot; zileja mu�ibas mirgu jauneklu alkas, sirdspukstus neskaitot krutis. Taltalas, mu�vecas majas. Izdega sveces, aizsvila skujina, telpa, zili kvepdama, staigaja silmalas dva�a, sveta nakts tumsa. Aizmiga pasaule pla�a brinuma miega, saulgrie�u svetita elpa. Taltalas, mu�vecas majas. (Velta Toma) EGLES ZARS Zal� egles zars uz labi klata galda Par milestibas mu�igumu pau�, Un visa telpa celas smar�a salda. �kiet, Tava dziva roka mani glau�, Gars saskanigi maigas ainas au�. Kads miers un klusums! Ne vairs vardu saku, Tik redzu: staro zalais egles zars Un paver mu�ibu ka dzilu aku, - Uz balta galda zalais egles zars (Zinaida Lazda) ZIEMASSVETKU ROZE Mekletaja cel� ir gala, Vakars metas, talu rits, Balta ziema, sve�a mala Kra�ni uzplaukst blazmas zieds. Vai tur Ziemassvetku roze debess darzos ziedus ver? Brini�kigo krasu kvele Acis atdzerdamas dzer. Mana Ziemassvetku roze Debess darzos ziedus ver? Brini�kigo krasu kvele Acis atdzerdamas dzer. Mana Ziemassvetku roze, Mates maigo roku dests, Jauka bernu dienu gaisma, Brini�kiga Kristus vests. Zinu, ari tava sirdi �onakt Kristus roze zied, Un tu izej ziemas nakti Klausities, ko zvaigznes dzied. (Karlis Skalbe) 32 1 43 ...read more.

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