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Commentary on wuthering Heights for Chapters 1 to 3

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Amina Obaidan Ms. Stefureak English A1 HL 12 October 2008 Commentary on chapters 1-3 on the book "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Bront� People are more curious and interested in things they have never seen or experienced before. Emily Bront� uses Lockwood to express her feelings and thoughts across to the reader. Lockwood seems to underestimate Wuthering Heights by thinking it is calm and people are guiltless. Lockwood's perception changes after the characters, the perplexing events that take place and the physical landscape that occur in Wuthering Heights. The characters living in Wuthering Heights such as Joseph, Heathcliff, Cathy and the dogs have some similar characteristics. Joseph seems to be an old man who comes across rude and bitter to Lockwood. When Lockwood's thought in his he said "looking, meantime, in my face so sourly." (Bront�, pg.2) Joseph also seems to be very religious and close minded throughout the extract. ...read more.


The other physical landscape which is significant is Catherine's room, because Lockwood sought to find the reason for Heathcliff not allowing anyone to go into that room. Lockwood describes his feelings of the room like this. "It was covered with writing scratched on the paint. This writing, however, was nothing but a name repeated in all kinds of characters, large and small- Catherine Earnshaw, here and there varied to Catherine Heathcliff, and then again to Catherine Linton." (Bront�, pg.16) This gave Lockwood some hints that there was some kind of history behind the carvings. This made him more interested and curious of Wuthering Heights. Catherine's room seems to be inhabited and very frightening. Imagery is used when Lockwood is describing when he discusses the physical landscape. The author uses imagery through Lockwood to allow the reader to understand and picture the physical terrain he is witnessing. There are a few confusing events that Lockwood encounters during his visits to Wuthering Heights. ...read more.


This is shown through the dialogue between the three of them. It is obvious that Lockwood is more educated then Heathcliff and Joseph because of his use of language. An example of Lockwood's language "Here we have the whole establishment of domestics, suppose." (Bront�, pg.2) Whereas an example of Josephs language is, "They's nobbut t' missis; and shoo 'll nut open 't an ye mak yer flaysome dils tell neeght" (Bront�, pg.7) There is a big difference in the use of the language for each character. Lockwood's words are very descriptive and very complicated. The words Lockwood uses as well, have many different interpretations and meanings. Whereas Heathcliff and Joseph and other characters are more direct. In Conclusion, Factors such as terrain, inhabitants, and unexplainable events that occur in Wuthering Heights are what causes the change in Lockwood's approach. The author Emily Bront� uses Lockwood's perception and description of Wuthering Heights to show her thoughts and her feelings towards the place. The author uses Lockwood as a representative of the reader, so the reader gets the same information that Lockwood gets about Wuthering Heights. ...read more.

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