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Comparative essay; an extract from Chocolat (1999) and article from Green & Black's Ltd.

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COMPARITIVE ESSAY between an extract from Joanne Harris's novel Chocolat (1999) and an article from Green & Black's Ltd. First and foremost, we can already identify the main topic of the two texts: chocolate. Both texts basically talk about their subjective and creative processes of chocolate creation. In this comparative essay, I will elaborate the different purposes and points of views of authors, as well as the syntax, lexis and semantic fields that differentiate the messages conveyed by the two texts. To begin with, it is quite clear that the to texts represent different types of writing; one (Text A) is an extract from a novel, Chocolat by Joanne Harris, the other (Text B) is an expository article from a chocolate company, Green & Black's Ltd. The purpose of Text A is to narrate and describe to readers how a character creates his own unique way of baking chocolate. ...read more.


As this expository article is taken from the official website of Green & Black Ltd., the author uses inviting and persuasive words to communicate the purpose of the text, in order to engage readers to read on further and simply to purchase their product. This is portrayed from the lexis and syntax used, for example, when the author cites 'At Green & Black's our aim is to create great tasting chocolate', or, 'Unlike many other chocolate manufacturers, we process the chocolate from the whole cocoa bean. This allows us to make sure that at every step the high quality expect is met'. This makes the reader feel allured and realize that Green & Black's chocolate is a one of kind cuisine. Another aspect that differ the purpose of the two texts are the points of view used by both authors. ...read more.


The figurative language used to compliment the character's scenario of chocolate making varies; these include metaphors such as 'wise fool's gold', 'raw and earthy tang', and 'the hot and resinous perfume of the rainforest'. These figures of speech containing in the extract give a sense of mysterious, yet appealing mood. Rather, Text B uses just a few metaphorical and rhetorical devices, like 'rich flavor', 'bloom', and 'good "snap"'. Yet the author uses multiple culinary-based adjectives to communicate its purpose. Some of them include words such as, 'great tasting', 'finest', and 'ripe'. In conclusion, both compositions are clearly contrasting in purpose and intention, but they are obviously common in subject matter. Altogether, the two texts inform readers how chocolate making can be in a variety of different processes and techniques, but is still always an irresistible everyday treat everybody can enjoy. ?? ?? ?? ?? LANGUAGE A2 October 5, 2010 Mr. Averne Loos Kyla Birgitta 11J ...read more.

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