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Creative writing story in English and Malay

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´╗┐Everybody must have an unforgettable experience, including me. I have an unforgettable experience when I was about 17 years old Sometimes, I like to just lay back and remember the old days. I remember one day when my best friend came over to my house. We ate some meatballs and some tofu balls, and we stepped outside after lunch. As we were walking to play basketball together, we saw a strange looking old man huddled in an alley. He had a little dog next to him that he was petting. The old man wore a dirty old shirt and short pants, and he was sitting on a chair. The dog was a dusty-looking black and white haired. It had short hair and oversized ears. My friend passed the basketball to me, but I was looking at the old man`s dog. The ball sailed past me and struck the old man in the head. He shrieked in pain. ...read more.


?You had best be sorry, young man. You young people have no respect.? He put the knife back in her wicker handbag and turned around. ?Old man, can you tell us how you got the ball in the net from so far away?? ?You need to practice,? she croaked at me. ?Can you teach us how to play basketball, old man?? He turned around, his wrinkled face changing into a feral crazed grin. ?Yes? I think I could teach you a few things.? From that day, the old man taught my friend and I how to throw, pass and handle our basketball like pro athlete. I will never forget the day I met that crazy old man Semua orang pasti memiliki pengalaman yang tak terlupakan, termasuk saya. Saya memiliki pengalaman yang tak terlupakan ketika saya berusia sekitar 17 tahun Kadang-kadang, saya hanya ingin berbaring kembali dan mengingat masa lalu. Saya ingat suatu hari ketika teman baik saya datang ke rumah saya. ...read more.


Jaraknya itu pasti sekitar 30 meter dan Pria tua itu memasukkan bola basket ke dalam keranjang basket itu! Pria tua itu mendesis! Saya tidak bisa percaya! Saya berbalik. "Kakek! Saya minta maaf! Tolong jangan sakiti kami " Dia menunjukan gigi kotornya yang tampak coklat dan berjamur pada saya dan meneriakki anjingnya!. "Turun, black! turun " bentaknya ! Anjing yang sedikit berdebu itu menggeram sekali lagi di sepatu saya dan kembali ke pria tua. Dia masih memegang pisau besar, menunjuk ke arah saya. "Kamu lebih baik meminta maaf, anak muda. Kamu anak muda tidak memiliki rasa hormat" Dia meletakkan pisau itu kembali dalam tas anyaman dan berbalik.. "Kakek, bisa Anda ceritakan bagaimana kakek memasukkan bola di keranjangnya dari begitu jauh?" "Kamu perlu berlatih," katanya serak pada saya. "Bisakah Kakek mengajari kami cara bermain basket, kek?" Dia berbalik, wajah keriput itu berubah menjadi senyuman gila yang liar. "Ya ... Saya pikir saya bisa mengajarkan beberapa hal." Sejak hari itu, pria tua itu mengajarkan saya dan teman saya bagaimana melempar, mengoper dan menghandle bola basket kami seperti atlit profesional. Saya tidak akan pernah melupakan hari dimana saya bertemu pria tua yang gila itu. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our International Baccalaureate Languages section.

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