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Critical Response: "The man in the Iron Mask" by Alexander Dumas

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"The man in the iron mask" by Alexandre Dumas Critical response Is friendship a term people use to define the closeness between 2 people, or does it signify something more and does it even involve a type of love? Is a friend a person who you talk to, spend time with and call him when you don't have anything else to do, or is a friend the individual who you can trust, rely on, talk about your feelings, things you agree or disagree on? Is friendship a false curtain between loneliness and being with someone or is a friend the person you don't have to talk with, but you do, is a friend a person that will always be there to support you, no matter what? Alexandre Dumas' "Man in the iron mask" portrays individuals that put friendship before any other values in their lives. Even though Portos is betrayed by his own friend, even if his friend ruins his entire life, Portos still has the power to forgive, because he can love and has a great heart. ...read more.


D'Artagnan did was to want to commit suicide, because Louis XIV insulted him, and because the king refused to understand that Aramis fought for his son, because the king drove away Aramis' son: ""Stained with disgrace as this sword now is, it henceforth no other sheath than either your heart or my own. I choose my own, Sire; give thanks for it to God, and my patience. "Then snatching up his sword, he cried," My blood be upon your head." His friendship for Athos was so strong that, D'Artagnan wanted to get imprisoned with his friend, gave his resignation from the post of head of musketeers to the king, because the king did not trust him anymore and in the end commit suicide. Friendship at its best was demonstrated by Portos to Aramis, when Aramis decided to confess Portos that he dragged the innocent Portos into a conspiracy against the king. Portos showed that he has such simple, but pure thoughts and that he trusted his friend in all his decisions: Portos: "You have deceived me!" ...read more.


Aramis did not trust Philippe and Philippe did not trust Aramis, because they did not have time to know each other. Aramis just found an easy and unfair method for him to become pope, and without thinking of the consequences of such an act, he made the young mind of Philippe dream about the France's throne, dream about non deserved glory and shine: "So we leave now the future king and the future pope with their thoughts". So, friendships based on personal interests won't last long, because there is no trust and confidence between the 2 people. So friendships need to involve trust and friendly love, so only these kind of friendships will last and that a real friend will always be able to give away his status in society, his live and even his honour for a friend. Both D'Artagnan and Portos showed great examples of friendship, and Aramis and Philippe showed that friendship just based on mutual interests will now last. ...read more.

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