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Death of a Salesman analysis

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Death of a Salesman- Act 2 Q1. Why is Willy's mood upbeat at the start of Act Two? What does he expect to happen? Ans: Willy's mood is upbeat at the start of Act two because he felt that his family and everything was finally coming together. Before, Biff decided that he was going to meet Oliver and join into the business field. Willy finally felt revealed because Happy came up with an idea for Biff and Happy to start a business together. He expected that Bill Oliver would recognize Biff and give him a job with Biff asking for at least fifteen thousand. This made him over excited because he felt that the family would be happier and Biff would get the success that he wants. Q2. Why does Willy tell Howard about Dave Singleman? Describe the dramatic effect when Howard listens to the voices of his family while Willy tries o talk business. Why does Howard tell Willy to drop off his samples and forbid him to go to Boston? Why is this such a blow to Willy? Ans: Dave Singleman was a great salesman who made his living without leaving his house until the age of eighty-four. He was a very popular and well known man who was greatly missed when he died. Willy told Howard about Dave because he wants to prove to him that Willy can also be a successful salesman while staying at home too. ...read more.


Biff takes Bill Oliver's fountain pens while a rush of anger and confusion is going through his mind. Because Oliver didn't even recognize Biff, he had an urge to just go into his office and just take what he could to satisfy and calm himself. Biff cannot tell his father what happened with Bill Oliver because he doesn't want to disappoint him. He knows that his decision to meet Bill made Willy extremely happy, and he was ashamed as Bill Oliver wasn't even able to give him a job, yet recognize him. And even when he had tried to tell Willy any bad news, Willy would jump to conclusions and wouldn't give him the proper chance or time to let Biff explain himself. Happy and Biff leave Willy at the restaurant because they didn't want to discuss what had happened that day. They left with a couple of girls for some fun leaving Willy alone because Happy wanted Biff to feel better and take his mind off all his problems. Q8. Why did Biff go to Boston? What does he discover when he see the Woman? Why is it that Biff never went to summer school? Why can't he believe his father? Ans: Biff flunked math and didn't get enough credits to graduate. Therefore he came to Boston to meet his dad and ask him to talk to his teachers to give him some points. He thought that Willy would be able to talk to them in "his way" and could be able to get enough points to make Biff pass. ...read more.


This all could have made the family happier and successful. Even though the family had planned to try to become successful in business, it didn't work out. Biff finally decided what he wanted to do in his life, which was to be outdoors. This upset Willy, which therefore led the family into a different situation. The final act ended in a disrupt manner as Willy committed suicide to help his family with their financial problems, and help Biff and Happy to start their careers and lives. Q2. Charley says: "No man only needs a little salary." To what is he referring? What else does a man need? Ans: When Charley says that "no man only needs a little salary", he is trying to say that just the minimum money earned will never be enough for any man. Men always want more than what they have for their own satification and to have more for their happiness. A man also needs the due respect they deserve. A man wants the best for their family, and wants to see their families excelling and to be superior to others. Q3. Explain the irony of Linda's last speech. Ans: In Linda's last speech she questions Willy and asks why he had to leave them. She doesn't understand why Willy had chosen to make that decision and still feels like waiting for him to come back. She tells Willy that she isn't able to cry for him. This doesn't mean that she doesn't care about him and isn't able to show her emotions, but she is in such a confused state, that she doesn't even know what to do. ...read more.

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