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Debate - States Ought Not Possess Nuclear Weapons

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Resolved: States Ought Not Possess Nuclear Weapons AFF: states should not have nuclear weapons Definitions: States: A politically organized body of people usually occupying a definite territory. Ought: Moral obligation; duty. Possess: To have and hold as property; own Nuclear Weapons: Weapons of mass destruction that are powered by nuclear reactions. All definitions courtesy of Merriam Webster Core Value: Morality- concern with the distinction between good and evil or right and wrong; right or good conduct. It is wrong to kill someone for no reason. And nuclear weapons kill mainly civilians to get to their government. It is in a state's self-interest to end wars quickly with nuclear weapons. Also out of fear, men can do the wrong thing just to save themselves and not consider what happens to those affected by the decision. Value Criterion: The affirmative shall prevail if and only if he can show that the possession of nuclear weapons is not moral in society and thus should not be possessed by states. The negative shall prevail if and only if he/she can show that the possession of nuclear weapons is moral in a society and thus should be possessed by states. ...read more.


In minutes, half of the city vanished. 140,000 were injured many more were made homeless as a result of the bomb. Deadly radiation reached over 100,000. In the blast, thousands died instantly. The city was unbelievably devastated. Of its 90,000 buildings, over 60,000 were demolished. During the explosion, various types of radiations such as gamma rays and alpha and beta particles emanate from the explosion. These radioactive particles give the atomic bomb its greatest deadliness. They may last years or even centuries in dangerous amounts. Gamma radiation and neutrons caused thousands of cases of radiation sickness in Japan. First the blood was affected, and then the blood making organs were impaired including the bone marrow, the spleen and the lymph nodes. When radiation was severe, the organs of the body became necrotic within a few days, marking the victim for certain death within a short period of time. Bombs do not discriminate; kill everyone, not any specific group. Conclusion: This proves nuclear bombs would have terrible effects on the world and that it would assure the destruction of mankind. It is clear they're too much power for any group of men and that they are not for the common good of the people. ...read more.


Study them and make sure no radiation is leaking. Also people to make nuclear weapons, plan out trajectories and other formulas to make sure everything goes according to plan. Through nuclear power, we also have nuclear energy that can be used to power modern needs and not have high negative affects on the environment. Nuclear power is safe and even though there have been two serious accidents in Pennsylvania and Chernobyl, these are but sporadic incidents when compared to the rate of accidents which occur in fossil fuel industries, coal mines and gas pipelines which have a history of eruption One plant can make high levels of energy. Then nuclear power is also used in some cancer treatments. This helps the national security as it aids a state's economy and provides many benefits for the people and the state as a whole. Conclusion: Nuclear weapons promote commerce, promote deterrence against rogue states. They provide a security measure for states and show that a state is advancing. Also not having nuclear weapons would not be beneficiary as it would allow rogue nations to make them illegally and the treatments, jobs, and knowledge we have and apply today may not of been with us. I look forward to a thought-provoking debate with my opponent and I wish them good luck. Thanks. ...read more.

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