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Education Kills Creativity. Discuss.

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´╗┐English 12 Education Kills Creativity Raj Recent academic studies have shown that kids are no longer as creative as they once were. This doesn?t shock me because we live in an era obsessed with numbers, data, and test scores, especially as they apply to students and their education. According to creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson even the best schools receive ?F? for creativity. Top high schools have been researched and Sir Ken Robinson concludes that schools are not nourishing creativity. He says that ?Schools are educating people out of their creativity,?. In an education world obsessed with curriculum standards and high-stakes testing, students are funneled onto particular tracks, rather than being allowed to choose their own adventures and explore their passions. ...read more.


Students have learned to stop questioning the world, they have been told to go with the flow, and they believe that there's only one right answer to each question. The "whys" they have always wanted to ask are never on the test, and they are omitted from the curriculum. Creativity isn't a test to take, a skill to learn, or a program to develop. Creativity is seeing things in new ways, breaking barriers that stood in front of them. Creativity is the art of writing a poem that is unique or seeing a work of art on empty canvas. Its essence is in its freshness and the ability to make dreams come to life. The methodologies in schools are demolishing creativity. ...read more.


The importance of creativity can also be applied to real life world. According To AMS 99.6% of successful persons have become successful because of creativity. Also creativity is what separates humans from animals. Even a monkey can be taught to count and to speak just like us. Being able to create something unique from nothing is magical. It builds self-confidence within us that strengths us. Being creative helps us feel challenged and learn to overcome those challenges. It makes us more interesting people and in turn attracts others to us. Bringing creativity into school and to students lives is not only useful for helping to lead richer and more interesting lives, it?s also a lot more fun when we are living a creative life. So why not we get prepared now for the future and rethink the ways that schools should be run. ...read more.

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