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Enders Game is a must-read for all Orson Scott Card does a wondrous job in tying together the emotional and psychological depth of each character

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History is shaped by the use of power, both through hostility and negative human nature, often resulting in war. The science fiction book, Ender?s Game, displays such acts of violence and humanity of the universe. Orson Scott Card shows this through his characters and story events, especially through the protagonist, Ender Wiggin. Ender is introduced in the beginning of the book at a very young age of six years and is thrust into the horrific violence taking place in the universe. This story is set in the future where humanity has barely survived the last two ?bugger? invasions. The buggers are an insectoid alien race and the world?s most intelligent young children, including Ender, are placed in Battle school to be trained as commanders for the soon-to-be Third invasion. As the novel continues, readers are pulled into the grim, yet fascinating psychological life of Ender and his journey to save all of mankind. Among hundreds of other chosen children, Ender is sent to space for Battle school. ...read more.


Superego, on the other hand, is seen through Valentine, who unlike Id creates peace and harmony, bound by order and knowledge. The youngest and the brightest, Ender, is a representation of Ego, a combination of both Id and Superego. ?And so we requisitioned you. To be half Peter and half Valentine? (24). Ender does not create the evil or peace within the universe like his siblings, but understands how to use violence to conquer evil and yearns for peace which aids him in his success in the war. Ender?s incredible compassion and just, love for all is displayed through the difficult decisions he makes. Instead of making choices for his best interest, he does it for everyone else?whether he loves them or not. For example, one of the largest decisions he makes includes sacrificing himself. This all begins as the battle administrators take notice to Ender?s wondrous improvement and noted skill in the battle room. Because his potential is so deep/strong, the administrators decide to intensify his battle schedule by increasing the frequency of the battles, from just a couple to week, to several per day. ...read more.


He has already done them great harm, but now he can be happy because he has a chance to undo what he did to them. Ender is an incredibly complex and deep character that learns much, but teaches even more. His compassion is his strongest trait, and it binds people to him; his ruthlessness wins their unswerving faith in him as a commander. Ender?s Game is a must-read for all? Orson Scott Card does a wondrous job in tying together the emotional and psychological depth of each character, especially Ender, to the mind-opening plot. As I read the book, I connected with the characters and my experience with reading this incredible work of literature, as cheesy as it may sound, has impacted my life in many ways. It was a stepping stone in my growing interest in psychology and whether or not one is interested in psychology and character depth or not, the riveting plot will keep the reader engrossed until finished. This novel opens the reader?s eyes to aspects of life and other lives around the world?a truly stellar book. I strongly recommend this to everyone! ...read more.

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