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English book reports - Book title: Tuesdays with Morrie Author: Mitch Albom and Book title: The Conquest of Happiness Author: Bertrand Russell

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Book title: Tuesdays with Morrie Author: Mitch Albom Publisher: Random House Perhaps you have met an experienced teacher who provided you with countless inspiration, acting like a life coach when you encountered adversities. Yet you lost track of this mentor after your graduation, for you had to aspire to new heights. Puzzled by the questions raised in my life, I picked up this moving little book and started to read in detail. This is a self-help and inspirational book that diverts you to dig deeper in some philosophical topics, such as life and death, as well as letting you rethink your way of life. I am totally absorbed in the atmosphere created by this book - a constant infusion of joy and melancholy that I am eager to perpetuate and savour more of it. The main character, Mitch Albom, was aware of the disillusionment of his life after stepping into the society. He spent almost all of his time working as a professional sports journalist in order to earn more income. ...read more.


No matter how we treasure our lives, we humans, who are mere parasites in an insignificant planet, cannot escape the inevitability of death. To face such an ultimate difficulty, what we can do is simply open our arms to embrace death. Although we eventually cease to exist, our contribution to society would remain in this world as an invaluable asset. In this modern, sophisticated society, all of us lived under overwhelmingly strong pressure. How paradoxical it is that we soar to greater contentment, but some of us cannot even have a grasp of happiness in our lives! As the famous poet T. S. Eliot said, "We had the experience but lost the meaning." Why don't we learn to relax ourselves and enjoy our lives? It is the first time I am moved to tears after reading a book. Tuesdays with Morrie touches that sensitive chord in my heart, holding much of my fascination. I hope I can age gracefully in solitary stillness, like what Morrie does. Book title: The Conquest of Happiness Author: Bertrand Russell Publisher: Routledge Widely acclaimed as one of the greatest minds in the 20th century, Bertrand Russell's essays are well-known for its logical reasoning and innovative idea. ...read more.


Even though we cannot change the objective environment, what we can alter is our perceptions. Among all the topics in the book, I highly appreciate that the writer regards fatigue as one of the root causes of unhappiness. Having studied in Form 6 for several months, I start to realize a sense of fatigue, both physically and mentally. We have to face numerous challenges, as well as a series of adversities. Undoubtedly, sufficient sleep is certainly of vital importance to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Without adequate energy, we would not have the zest to pursue happiness. On the other hand, this book provokes me into pondering about the meaning of life. During the journey of life, we have so many desires that it is impossible for us to achieve them all. In this modern, sophisticated world, we are often lost when encountering difficulties. Torn by disappointment and disillusionment, we sometimes forget what we want to go after in our lives. In my opinion, if we desire to accomplish a successful life, we must have a clear direction. How can we reach our destinations without any plans and targets? ...read more.

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