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English Report - The purpose of this report to know why is a hamster a good type of pet for a child.

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Report Title Why is hamster a good type of pet for a child? Table of content: Page 1. Purpose .............................................. 2 2. Body : A. Type of Hamsters ................................ 3 B. Behaviour ....................................... 4 C. Food ............................................ 5 D. Housing ......................................... 6 E. Things needed to have hamsters ................. 7 3. Conclusion ........................................... 8 4. References ........................................... 9 Purpose: The purpose of this report to know why is a hamster a good type of pet for a child. This report will give an information about type of hamsters, their behaviour, diet, housing. It also include an information about the things needed to take care a hamster. Type of hamster: Syrian hamster (figure 2.1) also known as the golden hamster due to its original golden colour. It is the most common type of hamster that is kept as a pet, the size is about 12- 16 cm long with a very short tail. Dwarf campbell's russian hamster (figure 2.2) is smaller than the Syrian Hamster. The size is arouns 8 to 11 cm long and it has brownish coating. ...read more.


A hamster needs about a tablespoon of dried food mix a day, try to feed it at the same time for example every early in the morning. Hamster also need to eat small amount of fruits and vegetables every day. Makesure to wash them in col water then dry it with paper towel. Do not need to peel them or took out the seeds. A hamster do not need to much fresh fruits and vegetables or else they will get a tummy ache. Never give sweets, chocolate, salted snakcs, salted nuts or anyting spicy. Housing: Before buying hamster people need to decide which type of cage they want. The bigger the cage, the more space it has for the hamster to run around and play. There are many types of cage such as bar cages (figure 5.1), labyrinths (figure 5.2), and tanks (figure 5.3). In the cage that has a bars, hamster could climb and gnaw. Bar cages also allow hamster to get a plenty air. For dwarf hamsters the bars of the cage must be no more than 9 mm or else the hamster may squeeze through. ...read more.


They also need to have both dried and fresh food to be balance and to keep them healthy. For the housing its up to the owner which type of housing they want to give to their hamster,and things needed to take care of hamster is so easy to find. Based on my own experience hamster is a very cute and amusing pet. It is so easy to be tamed and it is so loveable. Hamster do not act wildly except when they could escape from the cage. Hamster's food is also easy to find since it is available at the pet shop and we could just give them a fresh vegetables or fruits. For housing, if we do not have enough budget we could just place them in a container but makesure to have a slits and small holes for air to goes in. Since hamster is a shy and afraid of new people, they may be aggressive at first but will soon be tamed. Hamster is the most easiest animal to bet pet by the children, since it is small, cute, and do not harm the childrens. It is so easy to tamed the hamster. The children will enjoy caring it as a pet. ...read more.

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