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essay The Handmaids Tale

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English A2 essay writing task "The Handmaids Tale" by Margaret Atwood In what ways does Margaret Atwood make social criticism in "The Handmaids Tale"? Margaret Atwood's novel "The Handmaids Tale" is a mockery of her present Cold War influenced society in 1985 when the book was written. Her most interesting issues are among others a comparison between the Soviet Union and USA in matters of social oppression and public retaliation. Atwood also comes to a conclusion of a possible outcome of the Cold War. ...read more.


The reader can understand that factions like the Eyes had corresponding groups there, as the KGB. Atwood inclines with this that the Cold War in fact brought USA and USSR closer to each others. The most important tools of suppression in Gilead were the re-education centres. The narrator calls them red centres at several occasions, once again implying the influence of USSR's political belief communism. The red centres were locations of schooling that had the aim to decrease the number of rebellious elements in society. ...read more.


Atwood seems to promote the idea that the Cold War did not help USA in their quest for global democracy. Her novel implies that instead of spreading capitalism throughout the world the Cold War helped totalitarian ideologies. Her criticism towards armament resulting in two extreme poles that creates an unsuitable environment in both countries is seen when factions unite to fight the enemy without considering the effect this will have on their own country, weather or not it is justified. ?? ?? ?? ?? Fredrik Hansen IB1A, Tingvallagymnasiet ...read more.

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