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"Poets rethink everything anew."

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"Poets rethink everything anew." From your reading of poetry, show how two or three of the poems may have given you a new or different sense of poetry or of human experience, and comment on how these effects were achieved in the poetry. From reading poetry, I find that poets often give readers a different sense of human experiences. In this essay, I am going to use the two poems: "Preludes" by T. S. Eliot and "To Autumn" by John Keats to talk about the literary devices they used to create a different senses of human experiences to readers. In both "Preludes" and "To Autumn", the poems involve the sense of time. In "Preludes", we have mentions of evening and morning. And "To Autumn" is itself an ode to the season, autumn, which is a time as well. We usually have some sense of time as humans have schedules and we, therefore, experience different things in different times. ...read more.


In this way, Eliot can make the different sense of evening even more dramatic. In stanza II, Eliot also starts off by giving us the time in line 1 (the morning comes to consciousness) before he gives the different sense of morning to the reader. In stanza II and IV of "Preludes", Eliot portraits morning as, instead of a fresh start, a continuation of the previous evening and a repetition of daily routine. For example, in stanza II, Eliot mentions the "smells of beer" in stanza II and "evening newspapers" in stanza IV which are objects which are associated with the negative side of the previous night. Together, the form involves one stanza about evening, one about morning... This form helps to create a day cycle, and Eliot sense of day cycle is still different. When we think of day cycle, we think of life growing. Yet, Eliot uses repeated mention of "o'clock" and the rhymes to create a negative repetitive and pressurized feeling of day cycle to readers. ...read more.


In "Preludes", Eliot also personify the street, for example, by giving the street "conscience". In both "Preludes", Eliot gives different association to objects such as coffee stands, bed, etc. In stanza II, Eliot wants to show the repetitiveness of day cycle by mocking people's drinking coffee habit. Therefore, instead of the refreshing morning coffee drinking, Eliot associate coffee stands with "masquerades" saying coffee masks people's faces and souls. In stanza III, Eliot uses description of the persona's activity on the bed of reflecting life on the ceiling and not able to sleep. Through experience, bed is usually associated with quiet, peaceful rest. In this case, through description, Eliot gives us a different idea of bed as people lying on a bed may still not get any sleep just like the persona he created. In conclusion, poets give readers a different sense of human experience of things. By doing that, poets allow us to look at the same things from a different perspective and learn something new. The techniques they use vary from personifications, similes, imageries and even mere descriptions. ...read more.

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