Faux Amis French

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Faux Amis (verbs) * assister - to attend * attendre - to wait * attirer - to attract/ entice * blesser - to wound, to injure, to offend (not to bless) * blinder - to reinforce * commander - to order (as in a meal) * contrôler - to check/verify * demander - to ask (not demand) * draguer - to chat up (not drag, though perhaps "pull") * former - to train * licencier - to dismiss * passer un examen - to take an exam (not pass) * réaliser - to create * rester - to stay * retirer - to take off/remove * survenir - to overcome/arise Faux Amis (nouns)


* ancien - old/ancient if after the noun, former/ex if before * extra - first-rate/terrific * formidable - great (almost the opposite of the English!) * génial - brilliant * propre - clean if after the noun, own if before * rentable - profitable * sensible - sensitive * sympathique - nice, likeable (not sympathetic) List of French Idioms appuyer sur le champignon - to go very fast, accelerate (lit: to push on the mushroom) avoir d'autres chats à fouetter - to have better things to do; other fish to fry (lit: to have other cats to whip) avoir un chat dans la gorge - to have a frog in your throat (lit: to have a cat in your throat)


pendre la crémaillère - to have a house-warming party (lit: to hang a chimney hook) se creuser la tête - to think really hard (lit: to dig in one's head) se croire sorti de la cuisse de Jupiter - to think oneself is better than everyone else (lit: to come out of Jupiter's thigh) se mettre le doigt dans l'il - to make a mistake (lit: to put one's finger in one's eye) sucrer les fraises - to be senile, crazy (lit: to sugar the strawberries) tomber dans les pommes - to faint, pass out (lit: to fall in the apples) être maquillé(e) comme une voiture volée - wear too much make up (lit: to be made up like a stolen car)

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