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Gregor And Meursalt (Comparison)

Free essay example:

Gregor & Meursault’s

Character based comparison

Sohrab nezamzadeh

A beetle in the room is the actual grandson of the Samsa’s family; he had been through hard work in making money for his family and the debts of his old aged father just till the last day which he was an actual human bodied person. This morning he had limbs and a big abdomen with a rounded back which he continuously swung on it; uncontrollable conversion in his taste, thoughts and looks. But not is all about it, he was another creature, the family has little by little accepted Gregor as just a beetle, and the whole thing was to keep him rescued. He was lost the personality, respect and love of others, as a human in a beetle’s body but brings him love and the actual humanity from inside as to be a spectator of the human’s around him; the emotions of his father becomes merely disappeared towards him and the sister as well becomes indifferent to her bugged shaped brother, it seems like the whole family seeks the money he makes and not the actual personality which he had. And so they make the beetle be just a beetle in every aspect in their minds. Gregor struggles and while the whole furniture are moved from his room, he jumps on a gilt framed picture of a woman in a fur coat and feels deeply sad and nostalgic, and the table which he had been using since his childhood which all in all shows the existing love and emotions which are still left in Gregor’s heart as a beetle. He is not permitted to get himself even the least inside, to the world of humans and listens to the violin played by her sister; he is condemned to be out, no one cares about his inner thoughts and feelings, every one changed to him and he is not acceptable in the society.

on the other hand; Meursault, which had been a single person, living alone in an apartment with a pimp as his neighbor called Raymond, he is careless, and emotionless to everything happens around him, he doesn’t remember the exact date for the death of his mother, and doesn’t really understand what is love when Marie talks about marriage and making love, kiss doesn’t raise any feelings up for him and so the routine of his life has never been changed. He is an outsider; he kills an Arab while walking on the sands of a beach in a hot weather, sweating and exhausted with a revolver in his hand and the view of an Arab sitting under the shadow of a rock which would also take his knife out as a fact to see Meursault. He gets frustrated and intolerable of the hot weather, sweat, and the Arab, so he turns the gun towards it and shoots him for several times even to the dead body but he doesn’t get the least sadness, guilt or fear about the crime which he has committed. In trial, he doesn’t have a logical reason in order to declare, he didn’t know how to control feelings, he lacked an element in him and that was the emotions which made him different from other people, and outside the world of all the simple humans; unlikely to Gregor, he had a perfect human body the whole time but internally had lost the human features like the feelings and emotions which could only be founded by actions, deeds and the tone of his speech, which sometimes amazed other people and illustrated the lost shape of his internal humanity.

Gregor samsa and Meursault are two similar characters of two of the novels, Metamorphosis and stranger which would bright-fully show us of how a person becomes different from others in a society; in both of characters, there are similarities and differences such as being some unique characters by missing to be a complete human with all its features; but as one of the most vivid evidences on the difference between the two characters, We could mention of how the two characters were making difference in other people’s minds about themselves. Meursault was living a human body so people around him were less suspicious on him to be a real outsider to the people, but Gregor as having changed to have a beetle’s body was making people have no doubt on him, being a bug which would only be judged as a beast with all what it worth for. But as referring to similarities; both characters had an extremely bad failure on satisfaction and defending on themselves against what was going to ruin and humiliate them for a not on purpose guiltiness that they were captivated by. Gregor was at the beginning of this day which gets into a bug like body and thereafter, he couldn’t even get to speak and the only voice he could make was the voice of a beetle, he couldn’t communicate or even write anything so the other people understands him; he wasn’t even having this chance of being seen or to be counted, and so Meursault who had this strange logic of the hotness, which couldn’t help him satisfy the judges and other people as a fact of being a not logical reason for killing or even shooting a person who was just meters away from him; he was having a logic without feelings, but a strange one which could only be caused by a kind of selfish and one sided reason which would exclude the emotions of a person feeling these in order not to commit such a crime.

The greatest similarities and the greatest variations amongst the two main characters could be bright-fully shown through the internal and external features of a human being including the logic, emotions, and even the shape of a human; which missing one of them in a person could cause a big distinction between him and the other people around, and that’s what is making a person be taken apart from the society. Lack of external and internal features demonstrated in two of the novels are the illustration of some changes in a society including people such as Gregor samsa and Meursault.

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