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Heart of darkness & Apocalypse

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Uni Na Pd. 2 Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now Essay The movie "Apocalypse Now" directed by Francis Ford Coppola clearly conveys significant meaning that the author tries to show through the allusions of Heart of Darkness written by Joseph Conrad. They parallel one another and reflect both of the author's personal prejudices and aspects simultaneously. "Apocalypse Now", which shows harshness and brutality in Vietnam War, shares many similarities with Heart of Darkness in characters showing the coincidence in themes: Savagery and hypocrisy of imperialism. Savagery and hypocrisy are significant themes that connect Heart of Darkness and "Apocalypse Now" that is clearly shown by the characters. ...read more.


In order to justify the situation, Marlow tells himself that the native Africans deserve harsh treatment and abuse because they are criminals. As Marlow gradually descends down the hill to arrive at a dark and gloomy place where he calls it the "Grove of Death", he sees many Africans suffering from pain and dying by starvation. After Marlow quickly moves away from this terrible place, he reaches the main building where he meets the Accountant who is well dressed in nicely ironed and clean outfit, a complete contrast to the Africans suffering and dying outside. The Accountant gets irritated by the moaning of the Africans and calls them savages with contempt and hatred. ...read more.


His cruel actions resemble that of the Accountant in Heart of Darkness which shows savagery and mercilessness. Robert believes himself to be civilized and cultured; however, the truth shows that he is being like a savage by acting out cruel killings and harms to innocent people. It is clear that "Apocalypse Now" and Heart of Darkness conveys the understanding of the real savagery of human being and the true meaning of what a civilized man is. Through allusion of characters in Heart of Darkness that resembles those of "Apocalypse Now", the significant themes, savagery and hypocrisy of imperialism, are shown. The Accountant in Heart of Darkness and the Colonel in "Apocalypse Now" both shows the savagery deep down in the hearts of them through their actions towards Africans and Vietnamese. ...read more.

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