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How is college life like? This is the question most high school students ask out of curiosity. They wonder if it is completely different from high school. This question was definitely answered for me when I visited San Francisco State University.

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Field Trip Essay How is college life like? This is the question most high school students ask out of curiosity. They wonder if it is completely different from high school. This question was definitely answered for me when I visited San Francisco State University. The college truly had a different atmosphere from my high school. It seemed as if I was in a new little town. The journey going to San Francisco State was somewhat confusing and tiring. We would take BART and get off at Daly City. Then we would wait for the bus that would actually take us to the university. However, it actually was a pretty convenient way to get to the university rather than driving because it would be hard to find any parking spaces near the university. When we were getting our SFSU identification card, it was pretty exciting because we were getting a card that would allow us to get access to things at San Francisco State. I somewhat felt like I was starting college life already. I noticed that the process was very organized and quick. The young men who were asking for our names and taking the picture of us were very friendly. We got our identification cards in a less than an hour, which was impressive. ...read more.


Prior to this field trip, I did not have much expectations. I expected it to be tiring because I knew the campus would be big. I also expected to get a lot of experience of how the college system works. As a result, both of my expectations were met at the end. It definitely was a tiring day because I noticed my energy somewhat died down at the end. There was a lot of walking primarily because some of us would get lost. Even with the map provided for us, we would not know where to go because all the buildings looked the same to us. I also noticed that I ate more than I usually would, which somewhat scares me because I feel that I will not have control on spending my money especially when it comes to food. I realized how much walking has to be done in order to get to classes. This brings me up to my surprise that I did not see many people riding bikes around the campus to get to their classes. It seemed as if most of the students preferred to walk rather than to ride a bike, therefore, it showed me how people does not think that the campus is not truly big compared to other colleges. ...read more.


After attending the field trip, I somewhat feel more excited about going to college because there just seems to be a lot more freedom. Even though I know it will be tough, I also look forward to the challenges I will face because I like to know if I have the capability to handle any type of situations given to me. I do still feel a little anxious because as a shy person, I feel it will take me a while to meet new people and make friends. I am still exhausted by the tuition fees, but it is still not going to stop me from attending college. I am looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life, and focus on the area I am currently passionate about. College will definitely be a whole new, different experience for me, which excites and frightens me at the same time. The field trip to San Francisco State was an overall great experience for me because it answered my question about how college life is like. As I was exploring the campus and interacting with the students, I felt as if I was not in school. The atmosphere was far different from high school because it seemed as if I was in a little friendly town. There were no specific cliques with the exception of the clubs. Everyone seemed very independent and were doing their own thing, which shows how focused each and every one of them are. ...read more.

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