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human nature

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Human Nature At the beginning of the creation, human beings found themselves living in a wild and hard environment, which they have to cope in order to survive. They have to face many hard natural aspects like very cold, or hot weather, and the wild savage animals, which they have to fight, in order to defend themselves, and remain alive. Therefore, the strongest human will survive. As Darwin said:"The survival of the fittest." By time humans developed many ways to enable them to cope and survive in these difficult conditions. It's important to mention that they had no rules or regulations to control their behavior or attitudes towards others. That's why they were living like animals. ...read more.


They tried to set laws or a hierarchy where: * Ralph was the boss, or the leader, because he was wise, but as time passed, he started to lose his wisdom, and logic. I think that he symbolizes the government in our modern societies, because he wanted to satisfy the wishes of his friends (the public). * Piggy was the indolent, and overweight, but at the same time he was the most intelligent .He know that they must set up rules in order to prevent savagery. I think that he symbolizes civilization. * Jack was the aggressive leader; I think that he symbolizes evil. * Roger was so mysterious and savage. He showed us how much humans can become savage without rules. ...read more.


(He placed human heads atop poles surrounding his station house.) I think that Kurtz represent the human dark side and what can happen when it envelop you completely. When Kurtz traveled to the Congo he has removed all the ties of civilization, his journey represented a trip in the human spirit. As Marlow was searching on Kurtz, he was learning more about himself, he discovered that he has more in common with the natives. I the conclusion I want to say that everyone has a dark side, but some people can conceal it more than others. A thin shell separates us from savagery. Those two novels showed us what would happen when this thin shell falls away. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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