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In article Bilingual Childrens Mother Tongue: Why Is It Important for Education? Jim Cummins argues that Bilingualism has positive effects on children linguistic and educational development. He states that in schools educators have to develop ch

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Bilingualism as a advantage. In article " Bilingual Children�s Mother Tongue: Why Is It Important for Education?" Jim Cummins argues that Bilingualism has positive effects on children linguistic and educational development. He states that in schools educators have to develop children's mother tongue rather than alienate or restrict by using majority language in education. He says based on research studies that have been made during 35 year child with two or more languages have a flexibility in their thinking and good at processing language trough two languages. As globalization spreads out that increases peoples movement which causes to population mobility. The result of population mobility is linguistic, cultural, racial and religious diversity within schools. Schools in Europe and North America have experienced diversity for many years . In some countries neo fascist and other political parties and groups promote policies to threat the problem of diversity in their communities by discouraging students from maintaining their mother tongue. ...read more.


Children with a good foundation in their mother tongue doing well in the school majority language and further succeed educationally in the term that two languages are interdependent so the children's development of concepts and thinking skills are developed well . Based on educational research teaching minority language (mother language)in bilingual education does not hinder the developing of majority language. In a sense that by learning minority language at the same time they learn concepts and intellectual skills that are equally same to their ability function in majority language. I am agree that if a child's first language's foundation is good enough then it will be easier learn another language due to the thinking and intellectual skills are the same in languages. Bilingual children have a big advantages on comparing and contrasting reality through two languages. In my case from childhood my grandparents created good foundation on my mother tongue so there were no difficulties on learning English and other languages. ...read more.


Parents have big role to keeping child their mother tongue however school is not providing mother tongue child could develop at home with parents help. I think every children is essential with those knowledge he have (mother tongue) to school and society. Multilingual children is huge contribution to their society and international global community. As globalization spreads out countries aware of cultural and linguistic diversity in schools and whole society. But the solution for it not discourage child from learning their mother tongue. As researches show bilingual children have a good thinking, intellectual skills and succeed educationally more than those who know one language. Parents and schools should help and support children' s mother tongue and develop it same as a majority language. Society should stop see linguistic and cultural diverse children as a problem but accept cultural and linguistic intellectual resources child bring from home to society. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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