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Informal Writing: Imaginative or Creative Assignment

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Informal Writing: Imaginative or Creative Assignment Statement of Intent The purpose of this diary is to examine the character Blanche in the novel A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. Blanche is the main character in the story, in which all the characters in the novel revolve around her. She explains her relationship with Stella and her abhorrence towards Stanley. She tries to keep her illusionary world safe from danger, since it is the only source left for her to feel secure and avoid from the harsh reality that she faced other than Stella. This diary is written with lots of description to show her illusions, as Blanche becomes further and further into her own world and eventually mixes up between reality and illusion. The diary begins with her first encounter with Stanley, in which Blanche is still conscious about her thoughts. She would express her views towards other characters and eventually end with the horrific rape with Stanley, when she has a breakdown and eventually loses everything, when all her possessions have been taken away. ...read more.


However, she refused, since she was fine about the poker night; all the abuse that she endured! I made up this character called Shep Huntleigh to help convince her to take us both away, yet she still declined the offer. I had no choice and had to name Stanley's bad qualities, but Stella goes to Stanley when he came back home. Sigh...quelle dommage! As time goes by, I lied about Shep Huntleigh and continued this trend with Stella, but Stanley asked a question that shocked me! How did he know something about me when I was in Laurel? I was sweating with fear, hoping that no one know about it, and so I asked my baby Stella if she heard any gossip about me. Fortunately, there was none that she knew of. During that evening, a young man came to my doorsteps! How thrilled was I! Oh l� l�...it was heaven! I had to seduce him, since he resembled that pretty boy, oh yes, that pretty boy that I always remember. ...read more.


How impolite to ruin one's birthday? However, he did give me a present though! I was stunned, since I did not expect a present from him...ESPECIALLY HIM! As I opened it, I realized that it was a ticket to Laurel, a place where I would never want to return to. Stella, during this period, had to go to the hospital because of her condition. Her baby was nearly born. Stanley had to take her to the hospital, and thus leaving me behind here. Mitch did come, only to bring more burden unto me. He realized my lies...how? He wanted to end this relationship...and this brought me to tears. How could this happen? How could such a perfect chance be ruined? I was going into a nervous breakdown...it was so hard to endure... Stanley did arrive home, but I was distressed. His presence makes me extremely scared. Thus, I had to run away from him. His destruction caused me a lot of grief and pain, but I could not escape. Stanley took over my body and started to...to...rape me! I was now destructed by Stanley, unable to do anything. Thus, my life has now ended, unable to turn back. ...read more.

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