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Women's right in a marriage This is a discussion among 3 women concerning an issue about polygamy and their rights within the family. Two of the women, previously best friends, were forced to marry the same man and have no right to express their opinions and feelings about the marriage. This is due to different aspects of economy status and continuation of the family generation. Hence, this discussion will focus on women's right based on economical aspects. Characters: * First Wife: Ingrid _ has no right to make her own decision as her husband always controls everything about her. This is because her financial status is lower. * Second Wife: Joanne _ loves each other but then realize that she is totally controlled by her husband. * Friend and lawyer: Icha _ best friend for both women and helps them by listening to their thoughts and give advices. Icha: Hey, how's it going lately? Haven't heard from you guys in a long time. Ingrid: Huh! Things are getting worse. Seems that I live for nothing! John takes control of me, I can't do anything! What I need right now is freedom! Free from that evil man! ...read more.


I'm impress that both of you can stay alongside him in this situation. If it was me, I would definitely divorce him. Why don't you guys file for a divorce? Ingrid: you think I don't want to divorce, huh? Of course I want one, I'm absolutely disappointed with him. But he threatened me, telling me that if I still decide to divorce, he will never let me see my precious daughter, Casey, again. Of course, as a mother, I am not that strong to be separated from her. Icha: Damn, I understand how you feel. Tissue? It must be very hard for you. Stay strong. There's always a solution for every problem. Joanne: Hope so. I just don't understand why both of us have no right to live our own lives. Ever since we were married, he won't let me do anything I want... Icha: Could you give a more specific example on how he treated you, by means where you have no right in that family? I'm trying to help both of you guys. Ingrid: Just like when I wanted educate my daughter about manner, he just said that I have no ability as a mother to teach her how to differentiate what is right or wrong. ...read more.


Ingrid: then.. Icha: some possibilities are a minimum of ten years serving in jail and a legal divorce, with child custody. Plus, we can sue him for not letting you have your own properties and right, both as a wife and human being. Joanne: How? Icha: you see, from your story, john is forcing the marriage to continue... from there, he violates your right as a human to have the freedom of choice. So, I think there is a possible way to take this problem into court... Are both of you ready? Ingrid: with all my heart, I am more than ready to divorce John... I need my right back. Joanne: me too, I've been dreaming about this day all my life. Icha: great, I'll start filing the charges and soon you can get into court with you're soon to be ex-husband Ingrid: let's do this! Joanne: Thanks a million, I can't wait for that day to come! I want him to get his payback! I need my right as a human being back! Really can't wait! Ingrid: Me too! Ivy, let's work together to get rid of him! Icha: You two, don't be so excited. I can't guarantee 100%. Just wait and see. But I will try my best. However, gotta go now, you two better go home quickly, before that asshole returns and blast you! Good luck, bye... ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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