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IOP-jane eyre

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The story of Jane Eyre is a Bildungsroman, a novel that details the growth and development of a main character through several periods of life. Jane Eyre is the protagonist and the narrator of the story. Through this novel, she has gone through many different stages and times through life, experiencing a little bit of everything. She stands out as a woman who runs against the Gothic stereotype of the submissive woman in distress. Jane is an intelligent, honest, plain-featured young girl forced to contend with oppression, inequality, and hardship. Her character develops throughout the novel and undoubtedly becomes central to the novel, this makes us observe and interpret the changes which the whole story falls on. Her integrity is tested throughout the novel, and she adjusts to all the new situations that take place. She adjusts to them and changes her attitude towards them. I'm doing this IOP to uncover the progression of Jane's characteristics throughout different stages of her life. So, there are many important events in her life, but I'll just focus on 3 of them. The first is, "At Gateshead"; the second is, " At Thornfield"; and the third is , "back at Gateshead". There are more events that take place, but from what I've read, Jane's characteristics don't really progress, they just become more mature. ...read more.


She felt scared and lonely, but it was something which she was used to. Being all alone in this unknown place, she finally finds out where to go and finds her ride to Thornfield. When she reaches the house, she meets Ms. Fairfax, the housekeeper. Jane feels a little shy at first but then feels better after the generosity and kindness of Ms. Fairfax. Jane had a positive attitude towards this situation and felt that this new job and lifestyle will benefit her, and the change will be good. Like it says in the novel, it is like the new fairer era of life is beginning, "one that was to have its flowers and pleasures, as well as its thorns and toils." Jane knew that there were going to be some hard stops on the way, but was willing to take the risk for a change. Jane wanted to look her best and be at her best behavior, she wanted to do something different that others could admire. She valued what was good in Mrs. Fairfax and Adele and wished to behold the same vivid kinds of goodness. And one thing that Jane was completely sure about was that she didn't follow the general rules of the customs due to the sex gender. She felt that women feel just as men feel and they need to exercise for their faculties and have the same privileges as anyone else. ...read more.


Jane is shocked at first, but that shock reverts back to solemnity. Rest of story: In the rest of the story( St. John Rivers, her family, and rochester again) Jane's character doesn't develop as much as it did in the first few parts of the novel, as in, all the traits that make her different from the rest of victorian society have developed over her childhood. In the latter parts of the novel, she just utilizes them to a further extent. for example when she decides to go back to Rochester and leave St.John Rivers. Also when she decides to split the 20000 pounds she receives from her uncle with the rest of her family. All these decisions were made using the characters she developed as a child, as a student, and as a teacher. the rest of the story is emphasized so much because of the enormity of her decisions, especially in victorian society where her decisions are kind of frowned upon. All in all, Jane, as a character developed exponentially in her younger days. Her impulsiveness, perceptiveness were developed as a child, and all the tolerance and acceptance was developed at Lowood. At Thornfield she developed love, and a basic ability to interpret people. Jane, in any case, was different, and unlike other victorian women she had depth and understanding, and all this was developed throughout the book. I think its what makes Jane Eyre, as a novel, beautiful. . Samonvye Reddy | IOP Samonvye Reddy | IOP ...read more.

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