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Just lather' thats all analyitical essay

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Morality in a Revolutionary Time Arth Patel 635887 Ms. Lynett Sept 25, 2009 Morals, rules of right conduct or the distinction between right and wrong have kept society intact since the beginning of civilization. Unfortunately during wartime, individuals are able to commit gruesome crimes and still be regarded as heroes by the government. On the other hand, freedom fighters who want basic rights and freedoms are regarded as rebels and terrorists. In the short story Just Lather, That's All; Hernando Tellez gives insight on how the rules of society and morals do not exist during revolutionary times. Captain Torres is able to conduct inhumane actions without facing any consequences. ...read more.


Although Captain Torres is portrayed as an evil and villainous character, he admits killing isn't easy. Despite this, many soldiers go against their morals and follow their orders without thinking about the consequences. For the love of their country, individuals will risk losing everything important to them, including morality. In today's world, any armed force that does not belong to a government is regarded as a terrorist group regardless of their purpose. These freedom fighters have been classified as rebels and they are given harsh punishments. Many revolutionaries such as the barber believe in the cause of the rebellion and yet are not terrorists or murderers (16). ...read more.


Freedom is one of the most important human values and many people would risk losing everything they have in order to gain freedom. However, in order to 'protect' its own people, the government begins to oppress its citizens. Consequently the people will start to see this as a cycle of oppression and start to rebel. During revolutionary times, individuals must go against their morals in order to fight for a cause they believe in. Soldiers are forced to commit immoral acts for the sake of their country and ideals such as nationalism and patriotism. On the other hand, the government uses propaganda to label freedom fighters as terrorists and make the general public fear them. In conclusion thought of rebellion and oppression are just states of mind which can change morality depending on the situation. ?? ?? ?? ?? Arth Patel 1 ...read more.

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