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Letter of complaint

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Dear Sir/Madame, I am writing to express my dissaproval of the article "It's a student's life" written by James Faraday. In my oppinion it is a very inappriopriate text, and as a student, I feel ofended with it. I would like to offer a little constructive criticism to the article. It is true that student live off money of other people. But how can a person without any proffesional experience and without any education be hired? It is almost imposible. In fact students could work as a physical workers, but if so, they would not have enough energy to learn, and time to go to school. ...read more.


I am totally opposed to the stereotype, that students are lazy. They spend almost all of their time learning. Of course, sometimes they make a break to relax. At those moments they go out with their friends, or spend some time listening music, or just sleeping. Not all young people can afford college. For this reason they try to get some scholarship. But it is not much. So students are frugal. They live in hostels, or if it is impossible, they rent a flat with other students. ...read more.


Sometimes they do not even eat for many days. Also stressful is doing special projects, especially the sciencetific ones. If a student has to do one, he usually does not sleep for many nights, just to make his work the best. And when he can finally hand his job to proffesor, he is extremaly tired and overworked. If we would compere life of students and life of common run of people, we would see, that both are filled in hard working, stress and very poor with free time. The one difference is that students have lower income. I hope that you will give this matter your urgent consideration and will not let another incorrect article be printed. Yours faithfully Isobel Smith ...read more.

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