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Lettre au directeur. Objet: Objection la dcision de faire des cours soir supplmentaires obligatoires pour des lves de dernire anne.

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Julia D. - pr�sidente du comit� des �l�ves dans Lyc�e General n� III 70 B/2 rue Reya 80-363 Warsovie T�l: +48 554-24-78 Monsieur le Directeur du Lyc�e General n� III 27, rue du Legion�w 81405 Warsovie Warsovie, le 15 janvier 2012 Objet: Objection � la d�cision de faire des cours soir suppl�mentairesobligatoires pour des �l�ves de derni�re ann�e. Monsieur le Directeur, Comme la repr�sentante des �l�ves de III BI il faut que j'exprime notre d�ception li�e � votre d�cision d'organiser des cours du soir suppl�mentaires qui seraient obligatoires pour touts les �l�ves de derni�re ann�e. ...read more.


Nous sommes conscients que s'�tait notre choix d'�tudier dans la classe BI mais au d�but de notre �ducation en BI chacun de nous a choisi le nombre d�fini des sujets et d'heurs qu'il est capable de suivre. Cela est contre les lois d'�l�ve et, en dehors de cela tr�s insensible de votre part, de nous grever plus. En outre, vous �tes conscient qu'une grande partie d'�l�ves de III BI vivent loin de l'�cole. ...read more.


De plus, le niveau de connaissance des �l�ves est vraiment vari�. Probablement, la partie entre nous aurait besoin des cours suppl�mentaires de quelques sujets, mais les autres qui sentent qu'ils soient forts dans leurs domaines ou qui voudraient se mieux pr�parent eux m�mes, sont fortement contre l'obligation de participation � ces cours suppl�mentaires. Nous esp�rons que vous preniez en consid�rations nos remarques. Je vous prie d'agr�er, Monsieur le Directeur, l'expression de mes sentiments distingu�s. Julia D. - pr�sidente du comit� des �l�ves ...read more.

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Response to the question

In this assignment, the student is meant to use language to persuade – and the writer does this quite well overall, using a clear structure and a strong tone to further her cause. There is sharp focus on the matter ...

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Response to the question

In this assignment, the student is meant to use language to persuade – and the writer does this quite well overall, using a clear structure and a strong tone to further her cause. There is sharp focus on the matter at hand as she brings up three main arguments: perhaps she could switch the order of the paragraphs, bringing the first one to the end, since it is the most convincing one. There is a decisive introduction, in which the writer explains who she is, as well as the objective of the letter – which is a good technique, since it immediately draws the attention of the reader. The conclusion is the usual closing phrase in official letters in French, and it always works.

Level of analysis

Evidently, there is a lot of passion in this letter and it transpires immediately, even with relatively simple language, that the writer cares about the cause – this is a great thing, as it shows commitment even in a foreign tongue. The writer must remember, however, about the audience; it is easy enough to employ the wrong voice in French and here it sometimes gets too strong, e.g. “vous êtes conscient” or “insensible de votre part”. Perhaps, then, it would be better to include some sort of suggestions or compromise in the letter in order to soften the tone. The arguments are developed just as much as they should be and many aspects of studying the IB are considered in an intelligent way: the writer always gives concrete and real-life examples without any digression, which is fit for this type of purpose-driven writing. It is obvious that the writer put some thought into the planning of the essay and the goal she wanted it to achieve. Good job.

Quality of writing

The language employed is alright for this stage: there are not many experiments here, which is a shame – the letter seems a bit frigid and it is clear that simpler grammatical structures are followed. There seems to be a problem with adjective/adverb/noun order. Instead of “d'exceptionnellement haute nombre”, it should be “d’un nombre exceptionellement haut”. Some spelling errors as well, as in “touts les élèves” (should be “tous les élèves) or “qui voudraient se mieux préparent” (should be “qui voudraient se mieux preparer”), both of which seem to originate from the discrepancy between pronounciation and writing. Moreover, the lexis is somewhat limited: the word “nombre” and “heures” reappears too often and should be substituted with appropriate synonyms. But in general, the relative simplicity of the language means that the mistakes are not too prevalent and the text reads well.

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Reviewed by evabianka 11/07/2012

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