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Men of culture are the true apostles of equality. Matthew Arnold (1822-1888) acknowledges that the understanding of culture fosters harmony among people, enabling them appreciate but not criticize. However, this cultivation of harmoniess actually re

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Make the World a Better Place "Men of culture are the true apostles of equality." Matthew Arnold (1822-1888) acknowledges that the understanding of culture fosters harmony among people, enabling them appreciate but not criticize. However, this cultivation of harmoniess actually requires time and effort to accept the cultural differences across nationalities. People have been making sense of the world with specific sets of culture patterns, involving beliefs, values, norms and social practices. According to Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck (1961), cultural patterns generally reflect how people orientate themselves to the world to which they belong, whether they peceive the importance of social linkages or not. Indeed, every culture possesses its distinctive features, which help guide social behaviour to reveal meanings of life in various perspectives. If we stretch out to recognize respective characteristics of each culture, the connections among unique individuals can be established. ...read more.


In our labeling, his every social behavior will become distinctive to us as his acts will be assumed to be out of our expectations. Furthermore, if we are uncertain of the facts, we would rather go along with others than admit our ignorance. That is, we willingly accept statements without evidence of their validity. When you see a Japanese in all black listening to head banging music frequently, he may immediately be regarded as an gothic emo as emo culture is popular in Japan. Yet, this person will be viewed as having pessimistic character and negatively assessed by the majority of Chinese who view it as a kind of improper dressing which displays bad impressions. So if you approach this Japanese, you will be judged with prejudice and discrimination. From the above, we can see that labeling prevents us from seeing the world with open-mindedness. ...read more.


They retreat into their own private world, accepting they are social rejects. Labeling detaches our global community, as individual uniqueness is ignored. Categorization enables us make nonsense of our world! The truth is, individuals from different cultural backgrounds embrace distinctive qualities of characters. They may live up to various attitudes to attain accomplishments based on different standards. What differs is just the way of living, but with similar motivations towards respective life pursuits. The existing cultural differences actually provide a pushing force for us to learn from each special party so as to learn to appreciate the beauty of human traits. Why can't we work on eliminating the habit of labeling others in order to achieve harmonious interpersonal relationships? We can overcome it by cultivating unconditional acceptance, compassion and understanding. We can learn to observe and experience the world without judgment. We can learn to accept the people as they are. Let's grow in humility! And together, we make the world a better place to live in! (740 words) ...read more.

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