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My Cross Cultural Experiences through moving schools in Australia and Singapore.

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________________ I have been very lucky to encounter some cross cultural experiences in my life. In fact, cross cultural differences have been a part of my life during the last 3 years. I was living in what I like to say as “Indonesian luxury”. Most people in Indonesia particularly in the big cities are pampered with the luxury of having someone to do almost everything for them. This happens because of the high level of unemployment that forces people to willing to take whatever job they can get. The result of this situation is the high number of people working as drivers and house maids for a very low wage. In November 2009, I had to transfer to Perth, Australia where everything changed for 180°. My life of “luxury” is gone by the wind the moment I stepped into Perth where I had to do everything by myself. Well, not really in the start though, I actually enjoyed a little bit of holiday when I get there. Since my school hasn’t started yet, my mom and dad stayed there for a week and we had a quality time together exploring Perth. Still, at that time I was living in dream. ...read more.


It gave me a little bit of discomfort for the first few days. This all added up together gave me quite an amount of stress which made me came to a decision to leave Perth and move back to my country. At that time, I wasn?t able to cope with the cultural differences occurred. After I went back to Indonesia, I enrolled to Kaplan in Jakarta to take my Diploma in Business Administration. In order to complete my diploma, I had to transfer to Singapore to finish the last 4 modules for approximately 4 months. In February 2011, I finally stepped my feet to Singapore where I had the chance to experience another cross cultural experience. Well actually, I?ve been to Singapore a few times before for holidays so I can actually predict what it is going to be. For me, the cross cultural differences started when I interact with the Singaporeans where they tend speak Chinese to me because they thought I came from China or a local. I don?t speak Chinese at all but in fact, even though I am a Chinese decent we just don?t speak Chinese back in Indonesia. I am also very impressed that in Singapore we can take public transportation conveniently which I refused to at first. ...read more.


Although, adapting to a completely new environment and learning about others? cultures can be a very interesting process and it?s also a very good way to get to know what we are dealing which is good for business. I believe that my experiences will give me something that others might not have because when we are doing business in other countries we will have to do it according to the country?s culture. ________________ Confirmation Certificate Congratulations! You have successfully completed the Library Plagiarism Quiz. Student Name: Kevin Hadiono Student Number: 11210506 Date: November 30, 2011 THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT (signature)????????? HAS COMPLETED THE PLAGIARISM QUIZ Remember that the confirmation certificate is a statement by you that you understand plagiarism and know how to avoid it. If you think that you do not understand plagiarism and how to avoid it after working through this tutorial, you should confer with your module coordinator, no matter what score you have obtained on the test. Please print out this page and attach a copy of the certificate to the final page in all assignments you submit on each module as part of your programme (It is your responsibility to print the certificate, complete the information, sign it, and keep a copy of it for your records) ...read more.

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