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Nice excursion. One of the most exciting trips this year is the Nice visit for the 9th graders.

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Nice excursion!! By: Antigoni Ambatzidellis One of the most exciting trips this year is the Nice visit for the 9th graders. Student who take French as their second language are welcome to join in order to aid there linguistic development. This year's excursion will be identical to the ones of past years but it is now bigger than ever due to the large number of students attending. There are approximately 41 students who will take part in the excursion and therefore the amount of host families has increased. The week in Nice is supposed to improve the students' language skills and help them incorporate what they have learned so far in real-life situations. Corresponding with the goal of the trip, the students will have to attend daily language teaching courses every morning from 9:00 to 12:30. ...read more.


On Tuesday, all the students will take the train to Monaco where they will visit the Palais du Prince on 'Le Rocher', where Prince Albert II lived and grew up. Finally on that day all students will pay a very interesting visit to the Museum of Oceanography. On Wednesday things will spice up, literally and figuratively. In groups of ten, students will take cooking lessons by a French chef. There the students will practice making some of the finest deserts in French cuisine such as Tarte au Citron, Tarte Tatin or a chocolate flan. Hopefully they will return as culinary experts. Next day everyone will spend some time in the Museum of Contemporary Art (Musee d'Art Contemporain). ...read more.


On the last day all students will walk around Villefranche-sur-Mer and go for shopping. It is important to mention that all these activities will take place after the daily courses and after everyone had their lunch (after school/given by the teachers). By the end of each excursion everyone should take notes and keep a daily journal of the activities in french (approximately 150 words each), which will be used for formative assessment after the return to the ISH. The teachers accompanying the students will be Ms Charbonier, Ms Richards, Mr.Connor and Mr Klus. On the last two days of the excursion students will be allowed to exit their houses and be in town until 10pm. Extra Info: Leaving Amsterdam- Sunday 25th of March at 19.10 (students should be there at 16:30)- Arrival in Nice at 21.05 Leaving Nice- Saturday 31st of March- arrival in Amsterdam at 11.15 (Transavia) ...read more.

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