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Observation in a bank. The aim of this report is to represent my understanding of British culture by analyzing how different people behaves in public place.

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Introduction The space that I have chosen is a bank. It located on the commercial road in Portsmouth city center. I observed the bank during daytime on weekdays in January. The aim of this report is to represent my understanding of British culture by analyzing how different people behaves in public place. It divided into 4 parts, the setting and decorations of the bank, how the people there look like, the activities people are doing in the bank and the meaning behind their activities. Settings . The branch of HSBC that I observed is located on No...commercial road in the city center of Portsmouth. It is on the ground floor of an old building. Different from what we have in China, you do not need to swipe your debit or credit card to enter it after opening hours. There is an automatic door at the entry with a green bottom by the right of the door, which you can push to enter. When entered the bank, a path with a gray carpet and two rails on both sides lead you to the main hall. ...read more.


In front of the tills, while we queue in front of each till in China, a queue of people is usually standing between a rail and a sliced desk. People and their activities The customers of HSBC are variety. During my whole stay in the bank, people in all age groups, nationalities, ethnics, and in different careers are observed. Young people wearing jeans, polo shirt, sport shoes with a bag on the back and earphones in the ears are seen frequently in the branch that I visited. They usually get into the bank, withdraw some cash from the ATM and leave quickly. Some of them went for advise in front of the information desk or inside of the offices. Seen from their appearance, they might be university or collage students in the city. Overseas students are always found as well in this bank doing bank transfer or bank drafts from their home counties. As an important industry of the UK, education is attracts millions of international students studying in the UK and gaining a great fortune to the government. ...read more.


According to the amount of coins he colleted, he might be works in a small shop or a restaurant as an accountant. Those coins are probably prepared for changes. Banks in China may not provide service like this. I have seen many people in uniforms of ASDA, Tesco in the branch that I visited. Far from the students, they leave the bank quickly but not always withdraw money. What they did most frequently is print a mini bank statement or a transaction script on the ATM. I noticed that, some times they check the statements or scripts with other documents. As my own experience of part time job, they are regarded as shop assistants in a shop or super market. The reason why they need to have a copy of their statement is to double-check their payroll list. You will not see this phenomenon in China because shop assistants and cashiers in China are working full time and that would be the only job of them. More differently, the wages of them are fixed monthly or paid by cash. Working class people may not need to go to bank to check their saving often. ...read more.

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