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Overview of an advertisement for Antigua.

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Harald Hvalkof Kristensen English Herlufsholm Kostskole 2.IB Essay 19-09-2012 Signature_____________ ELA ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Overview of an advertisement The author of this article, expressed on the website ?Wheretostay,com?, about Antigua, has used a good combination of structure and layout to make this message persuasive to the reader. The article is very well structured and it looks good to the eye, it catches our imagination by its construction with many paragraphs, separating each of the interesting facts about Antigua. There are no more than seven stanzas in each paragraph, and this makes it easy for the reader to quickly skim through the article and find the most interesting facts to read about, according to his or hers taste. The sender of this text is a holiday bureau; the massage is a getaway holiday to islands with many beaches, fun, and ...read more.


readers attention, and that it is the best place to go if you are thinking of going on holiday to that area. This quickly catches the readers whom are looking for a place that is well known for its development in tourism. The writer then begins to write about the scenery, and describing it by its ?rugged mountain peaks? undulating fields of grass and winding roads lined by pineapple trees? this quote from the text gives the reader a picture of the scenery in words, without the use of pictures, which is very important when in use to a advertisement. The advertisement uses the form of persuasion to grab the interest from the readers. This is exactly what the author is doing throughout the entire text, for example the quotation ?Islanders claim their home boasts 365 beaches? this ...read more.


On the other hand, the author should have paid more attention to the positioning of the pictures and text, and the choice of font size. The advertisement looks boring when you look at it and there is nothing on the webpage that screams out that, this is a good place to go on holiday. The language used within this text is simply structured and appeals to all readers. The advertisement is easy to understand, although there are some words, which can be hard to understand, but still they fit in well into the text. The author of the advertisement knows what he or she is talking about and by this the facts are simple and well structured throughout the text. ...read more.

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