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Personal Evaluation of Mike Roses Blue Collar Brilliance Essay.

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Personal Evaluation of Mike Rose's Blue Collar Brilliance Essay. (Final Draft) Nowadays people and their so called "conventional wisdom" say that in order to make a good living you must have a college education. While it's true that you must have an advanced degree (medical, doctorate or an MBA) to work in some of the highest paying fields, you can have a well-paying job with just on-the-job training. Most of us are taught at an early age to get a good education so that we can get a good job in our adult life: Our teachers, our counselors, and our parents all have instilled these ideas into our brains. As a parent, I couldn't think of any other lesson more valuable to teach a child, because after all, knowledge is power. But is theory right? Not necessarily, in this new era of global technology many jobs don't require candidates a high level of education. ...read more.


And because she knew the average time it took to prepare different dishes, she could monitor an order that was taking too long at the service station". Another person that Mr. Rose talks about is his uncle Joe, a humble man that dropped out school in the ninth grade. Despite the lack of formal education, Joe was able to advance through the ladder at his workplace, by showing his brilliance and excellent interpersonal skills. Joe worked for 33 years at General Motors, his tenure started in the assembly line and ended as a paint and body shop supervisor, Joe achieved this by being a good worker, adapting and showing interest in learning. These types of skills are not taught at any college, you obtain them through everyday interactions and experience. Having a college education is basically just having a piece of paper (diploma) stating that you've met the requirements of the course in a particular area of study. ...read more.


I chose Mike's Rose Blue-CoIlar Brilliance because I like the way he describes intelligence in general, and I just like the author, challenge the assumptions that people have. What was the most difficult part of the process of writing the essay? What did you do about it? The most difficult part was coming up with the ideas to write the essay, and trying to narrate my opinion on the topic. What do think this essay will reveal about your strengths as a writer? And the areas you need to improve? I think it will reveal that I am learning the proper techniques to write an essay, it will also reveal that I am improving my grammar skills and supportive details that I put great effort into. When you write your next essay what are the things you will do the same? What would you do differently? I will come up with ideas the same way I did before by writing it on paper and brainstorming. I will try to make my grammar better and sentence structure more sophisticated. ...read more.

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