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Prose Analysis of 'Venice'

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This passage set in the city of Venice is a portrayal of the lifestyles of children out there. It clearly mirrors the fact that their lives are highly unnatural. This is mainly so because of the location of the place. Venice is shown to be such a place where water is abundantly found but open fields are a rare sight. As a result the children don't get the chance to go to parks frequently, 'There are no playing fields or yards', and hence are not that playful. The writer says that the kids out there used to remain neat and tidy throughout the day, 'spotless are those infants' clothes' which is actually not a natural sight as it goes against the nature of the child to be so. This passage creates a sense of restriction. It mirrors the fact that the children are not free to do what they want to. Their freedom to move around freely is hampered. This passage consists of three paragraphs. And with the progression of the passage the paragraph length also increases. ...read more.


For instance the children used to remain neat throughout the day simply because of the scarcity of the parks to play. This passage mainly deals with the Venetian families. It gives us an insight into their lives. It puts across the benefits and also points out the drawbacks of living in Venice. The writer says that the Venetian parents love their children immensely but actually don't pamper them out of their love. 'Sickly intensity' and 'instant cardiac crisis' are some words used by the writer to exemplify this feeling. In fact they force them to work very hard. The children are overburdened with studies at very small ages. As a result they are much more mature than any other normal kid would be at that age. The phrase 'frighteningly well informed' helps denote this fact. Venice further does not allow them to play that much as there are literally no parks to play or they are very far off to go to frequently. These are the main reasons why the writer feels that their lives are highly unnatural. ...read more.


He believes that sports are a very essential aspect of our lives. This can be said as he criticizes the city of Venice for not having sufficient number of parks. He also believes that children in their youthful days should enjoy life to the most. He further appreciates the Venetian parents for loving their kids immensely. Thus to conclude this passage quite clearly mirrors the lifestyles of Venetian families. It gives the reader an insight into it and also portrays the plus points and drawbacks of living in this city. The passage mostly talks about the children residing in Venice. It can be said that in comparison to other kids of their age they are quite unusual and unnatural. This is so mainly because of the limitations of the city in which they live. Due to a shortage of parks they do not get an opportunity to go to parks that frequently. This has affected their overall development. Because they are indoors most of the time they have actually become lethargic and lazy. They no longer have that childlike energy and enthusiasm. And this is the main reason why the writer is being critical of the city as it has undoubtedly ruined the children's sporty days. ...read more.

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