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Relationship Analysis between Juliet and the Nurse

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Lara K. German 11B 6th October 2007 Relationship Analysis of Juliet and the Nurse The responsibilities of daughters in William Shakespeare's time were very important and expected to be followed. A daughter could not always have a close relationship to her mother so therefore a servant, such as a nurse, would be a significant person in her life. The relationship between Juliet and the nurse is special because Juliet is able to express her opinion and talk to the Nurse like a friend. In Act 1, Scene 3 the Nurse is introduced to the play and it is obvious that she is a trusted family servant because Lady Capulet includes her in the discussion concerning Juliet's potential marriage. At first Lady Capulet dismisses the Nurse but then says, "Nurse, come back again, I have remembered me, thou's hear our counsel. ...read more.


(Shakespeare, 45) Juliet speaks to her mother in a formal manner but around the Nurse, she can be herself and express her opinion. The Nurse is always honest to Juliet and shares gossip with her about Paris, "A man, young lady! Lady, such a man as all the world--why, he's a man of wax." (Shakespeare, 49) The Nurse is constantly talking and advising Juliet because she has gained Juliet's trust over the years. When Juliet decides to disobey her family and marry Romeo, the Nurse is so happy for her that she betrays her employer and helps to arrange the marriage. The Nurse was always a messenger between Romeo and Juliet by delivering details to Romeo about the secret wedding. When she warns Romeo not to hurt Juliet she shows how much she loves and cares about the wellbeing of Juliet. ...read more.


(Shakespeare, 191) The Nurse's only wish was to make sure that Juliet is content, however when the Nurse suggested to Juliet that she should forget about Romeo she looses Juliet's trust and is no longer involved in any plans. The Nurse plays an important role in the novel 'Romeo and Juliet' because she has a relationship with both of the main characters. This allows her to be involved in organizing the lovers to communicate in secret. Not only is the Nurse a friend and a mother figure to Juliet but throughout the play she becomes her co-conspirator. At the beginning of the play, the Nurse wants the best for Juliet; however, this then changes when Capulet hints to the Nurse that her opinion might cause her unemployment. She then tries to convince Juliet to marry Paris, following the objective of the Capulet family. In general, the Nurse was always loyal to Juliet and did everything in her power for Juliet's wellbeing. Word Count - 717 ...read more.

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