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Scarlet Letter-Nathaniel Hawthorne-Study Questions

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Tran Quoc Hoang Viet Nathaniel Hawthorne-The Scarlet Letter Study Questions 1. How the Puritans of Boston are first portrayed? They are described as solemn, severe, sturdy, clothed in dark, brown and black. Everything they thought they speak would be of righteousness 2. What is significant about the rosebush outside the prison door? Rose symbolizes red-hot beauties that totally contrast with the surroundings of grim, grave-like colors. Furthermore; it foreshadowed the life full of horns-hardship suffered by Hester. 3. Describe Hester's demeanor as she emerges from her prison cell. Hester appears to be firm, solid and acting as womanly as she can. She remains solid in not answering for the father's name. Her outward appearance reflects cold, unrepentant and haughty. She wants to triumph over shame, passion and anguish 4. Is there significance to Hester's viewing the crowd from atop the scaffold? Hester got to see every single thing in the town. She can see the righteous magistrates, cruel crowd and the cold friends, relatives. 5. Describe Roger Chillingworth in the scene in which he visits Hester in jail. He appears calm, caring but toward Hester, he mysteriously reveals his dark secrets in his twisted body. 6. Why does Chillingworth ask Hester to keep his identity a secret? Chillingworth does not want any connection with Hester in order to clear his name free from shame and he would not arouse suspicion when he goes around searching clues. 7. Why does Hester remain in Boston? ...read more.


How does Chillingworth finally discover the cause of Dimmesdale's suffering? Chillingworth managed to sneak into Dimmesdale's room when Dimmesdale is deep asleep. He pushes a side Dimmesdale and sees the scarlet token on Dimmesdale 's breast. 24. What reason is given for Dimmesdale's ability to touch the souls of others? Dimmesdale whips himself every night, seeing the agony that is inside of every man's heart. Not just that but the scarlet token also causes him pain, suffering which make it easier for him to "touch the soul of others". 25. What effect does public veneration have upon the Reverend Dimmesdale? Dimmesdale can't express his suffering due to the fact that he is their reverence. 26. How does Dimmesdale seek penitence? Dimmesdale went to the scaffold and stood there. In the midnight the same thing as Hester did but in the morning 27. Describe Dimmesdale first vigil on the scaffold. Dimmesdale lets out a loud shot, overcome by fear, terror and loneliness. Soon his fear of being discovered came to place but it was mistaken as a witch's shout. Afterwards, the arrival of Wilson, Pearl, and Hester put Dimmesdale loneliness to an end 28. What meanings are given to the apparition in the sky? The meaning of it was that a passing of a person, marking the A letter for "Angel" 29. What effect does the midnight vigil have on Hester? ...read more.


The happiness provides him a powerful flow of energy that he has never experience before. 45. How does Dimmesdale treat Chillingworth when the two meet? Dimmesdale acts toward Chillingworth as a no-longer-of-use friend and start refusing the medication offered by Chillingworth 46. What does Chillingworth do when he sees Dimmesdale's transformation? Chillingworth worries about his own identity and wants to find out more about both Dimmesdale and Hester. He managed to get his hand on the fact that Hester is leaving after she gets on a ship that she has so familiarized with 47. How does Dimmesdale finally escape Chillingworth? Dimmesdale confessed in front of the crowd on the Election Day on the scaffold and then put himself into death after that. 48. What becomes of Chillingworth after Dimmesdale's death? With nothing to do for his life, he spends his last years mindlessly and died one year after the passing of Dimmesdale 49. How do the townspeople react to Dimmesdale's confession? Some of them were confused of their reverend clergymen. Some believed that Chillingworth was responsible for the weird reaction of Dimmesdale 50. What becomes of Hester and Pearl? Afterwards, Pearl married a rich man and leads a free life that has always been a dream of her parents. Hester after hides her for some time returns back to Boston and spend the rest of her life doing charity work. Occasionally, Pearl visits her mother but do not stay with her. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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