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Significance Of The Pearl Ring In The House Of Bernarda Alba

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What does Prudencia say about the ring? Prudencia comments that the ring is very nice but at the same time that in her time, as she is 50 years old we can estimate about 30 years ago, that pearls in a wedding ring signified tears and that the bride, Angustias, would cry on her own wedding for whatever reason. ...read more.


Adela is unsupportive because she loves Pepe and wants him for herself, so she is trying to scare her half sister into backing away from the marriage. She also implies that Pepe does not care about her only about her money, as they have argued about that before, by not buying her a diamond ring. Diamond rings were always symbols of marriage and of care. ...read more.


And whatever the others may say Angustias should ignore it and make up her own mind. Martirio involves God into the discussion and says "Or what God makes of them". Meaning that Angustias Ring, maybe a message from God, that the wedding is destined to be a failure. That she may not be happy married to Pepe and that she may not be the one for him. Despite this warning Angustias keeps to plan and goes on thinking about the wedding. ...read more.

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