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Skateboarding. Do you like thrilling and exciting things that get your blood pumping? If you do, then skateboarding may be your thing. Skateboarding gives you an exciting and thrilling sensation

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Jacob Adler Pre IB English 10 December 18, 2008 Personal Essay Do you like danger? Do you like thrilling and exciting things that get your blood pumping? If you do, then skateboarding may be your thing. Skateboarding gives you an exciting and thrilling sensation, while at the same time giving you a true feeling of accomplishment. Although skateboarding is dangerous and exhilarating, through skateboarding can come new friends, seeing new places, and can just be a lot of fun. My life is filled with music, sports, and very many activities and hobbies, but to me skateboarding has taken me the farthest as a person, and has been the most exciting and fun. Something that skateboarding lets you do unlike other sports or hobbies, is traveling and exploring. For vacations, my friends and I will travel to various cities or sometimes states, with only one purpose. To find the famous spots that skateboarders from all over come to skate. ...read more.


One of our most favorite places to go to is Washington D.C. We skateboard in D.C almost every weekend, and we oftentimes explore spots there. In fact, we've gone to D.C so much, we now know our way around the subway system and city pretty well. Exploring new spots is fun because when you find a new spot and skate it, more people will come to it, and you'll feel like you sort of claimed that spot and founded it just like the explorers of the past. Another fun thing about Washington D.C is that you meet a lot of cool people there who you see a lot and skate with a bunch. When you're in D.C there are some spots that you know for a fact a bunch of kids will be skating, and if you ever get bored you can just meet some new friends and skate there. Some people enjoy calm activities, board games, and picnics, but to me there's nothing better than the feeling of throwing yourself down some stairs or rolling up to a huge drop and getting that thrilling sensation like you do when you skateboard. ...read more.


Now-a-days, most kids just sit at home bored playing video games and not having anything to do on the weekends. This leads to a lot of kids doing drugs and getting into bad habits. A lot of people associate skateboarders with druggies and bad kids, when actually, in a way, skateboarding is like an anti-drug, which keeps us away from those bad things and always gives us something to do. What's also good about skating is that even when were not skating and we're just talking, we always have something to talk about or relate to. One of the best weeks I've ever lived was at a summer camp called Woodward. Woodward consisted of 18 different whole skate parks, BMX courses, gyms, and is the number one extreme sports camp around. At Woodward, every week of camp, new pro athletes come to do demos and skate the parks with the campers. The entire experience at that camp was amazing and I can't wait to go back next summer. Skateboarding has opened up the door for some many amazing opportunities for me, and with out skateboarding who knows where I would be. ...read more.

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