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Social Reforms and Eradication of Social Evils Cannot Be Solved By Legislation Debate

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Social Reforms and Eradication of Social Evils Cannot Be Solved By Legislation Delhi Cabinet Ministers fighting amongst themselves to topple Sheila Dixit's Government. These are, my friends, our honorable MPs and MLAs. The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and the leader of the opposition hurling abuses at each other for the whole world to see. THESE are our resplendent legislators. Every third day there is a pandemonium in the parliament where our so-called "honorable" legislators hurl shoes at each other, break chairs and tables. I'd like to ask the opposition; do you REALLY think that such makers of law can bring about social reforms? I'd like to bring to light to the opposition that the most recent case of sati occurred in 2006; just last year. Clearly the opposition feels that it is only the legislation will help bring about social reforms. But there ARE laws against sati, aren't there? So I'd like to ask the opposition; WHY do these social evils still prevail? ...read more.


WHY? Because she knew that jail will not change the convicts. A spiritual change is required to change a person's minds. Swami Vivekananda once rightly said; "Committing these social crimes is not written in any of the holy books. It is a mental disease." The legislation cannot remove the hatred from the hearts and minds of individuals. The law has no right to stop people from thinking what they want. So what IS the way to stop social evils? The only way is to bring about a change in their THOUGHTS! It is these very thoughts that initiate these heinous crimes, and no law in the world can change a person's thoughts. You need to provide education and social awareness in rural areas. Prejudices are the chains forged by ignorance to keep men apart. We need to create awareness amongst the people and free them of their ignorance. We need to inform them what their rights as human brings, as citizens of the world's biggest democracy are.! People need to rid their minds of superstitions.! ...read more.


It is not the laws that'll change people, OR the way they think. It is the people themselves who need to change! With this, I rest my case. 2 options: 1) As B.R.Ambedkar once said : "History bears out the proposition that political revolutions have always been preceded by social and religious revolutions. Social reform in India has few friends and many critics." This clearly shows that even if 1 person in India tries to do something right in this direction, 100 people try to pull him down. Therefore, we, the youth of India with our education and knowledge need to stand up for this cause-which my friends will bring out the true meaning of social reform. 2) Samuel Taylor Coleridge once rightly said and I quote: "Every reform, however necessary, will by weak minds be carried to an excess, that itself will need reforming." Therefore, these weak minds need to be empowered by education and it is up to the youth of India to help reform these weak minds first and perhaps then we can hope for a better future, with all the social reforms in place. Thank You. ...read more.

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