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Suffering for Salvation

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Patrick Finnegan January 21, 2009 Suffering for Salvation Raskolinkov lives in a closet. Svidigailov is a man of class. Mikolka is a tradesman. Although from different backgrounds, the three characters: Svidigailov, Mikolka and Raskolinkov, suffer in order to achieve salvation. The reader must analyze each characters' [PF1]attempt to achieve salvation by examining their environment, the causes of their suffering, and the coping mechanisms they use to combat their suffering. The environments in which Svidigailov and Raskolinkov are brought up in are very distinct. Svidigailov comes from a family where money is never the issue.[PF2] Bought into a family of money, he seeks something that money can not buy, love. His priorities in life abruptly foil other characters, such as Raskolinkov. "His closet was located just under the roof of a tall five story house and was more like a cupboard than a room" (1). His almost inhumane living conditions reflect on his precedence's in life. ...read more.


"Sometimes the perhaps salutary for the whole mankind- calls for it[PF4]" (259). The reason for Svidigailov's suffering is love. "Imagine, that terrible man seems to be the cause of her death. They say he gave her a terrible beating" (228). He kills his own wife in order to get his what his heart desires. "Your dear sister possesses so many advantages that I could not help succumbing" (291). He suffers for her, but when finding out that she does not love her, his plans begin to diminish. "You're right she does not love me; but never swear yourself to what has gone on between husband and wife, or between two lovers. There's always a little corner here that's always unknown to the whole world..." (478). Finally there is Mikolka, he is an honest man who has literally done nothing. He killed no one, yet his faith prompts him to choose to bring the wrong doings of others upon himself. ...read more.


Writing this piece was a challenge for me. It is harder for me to work with bigger pieces of literature, where there are so many examples to choose from. But I believe that I chose a pretty solid topic to talk about, and working with three characters and three themes was challenged me to stay clear and concise in my writing. I know that I did not put my thesis in the beginning of my paper, but I did that in order for it to flow better. I believe I could have amended my introduction a bit better in order to flow with the rest of the paper. But overall I am proud of what I submitted. [PF1]Character's [PF2]You said he was of class already. And if you'd like to put it again, don't repeat by saying he doesn't worry about money. [PF3]offering things up? [PF4]revise this sentence [PF5]Half of this paragraph is a quote l ol remember to write the quote exactly how it is in the book and format the quotation correctly. [PF6]He whats his whatty? ...read more.

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