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Summer Solstice, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

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Summer Solstice, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka The poem, "Summer Solstice, batticoloa, Sri lanka" by Marilyn Krysl talks about a soldiers emotions. It is merely a portrayal of his feelings on war. This poem opposes the very common perception which most of the people have towards soldiers that they love to fight. In fact it shows the other side of a soldier, how he dislikes fighting and longs to have peace in his life. In the poem the poet makes use of first person narrative. This helps him a great deal as it makes the soldiers long for peace extremely potent and highly strong. Through the poem the poet basically tries to convey the message that a soldier has to fight only to earn a living and not because he derives some personal pleasure from it. The poet in the poem makes use of nature to bring out the soldier's emotions and feelings. The poet incorporates four stanzas in the poem. ...read more.


This word helps him mirror the fact that the soldier just wants to erase the very thoughts of war from his mind. This in turn also demonstrates his desire for peace. Right in the beginning of the poem the poet says, "The war had turned inward until it resembled suicide". Using this extended analogy the poet tries to state a soldier's stance on war. It means that now the soldiers were fighting themselves and it was like committing suicide. They were not interested in fighting but still they had to as the government did not give any orders to stop. Through this quote the poet might be hinting at the way the governments of the different nations exploit their soldiers. Here he makes use of a very dark word, suicide, which helps him depict the soldier's wish for peace. The use of enjambment here further deepens this feeling. Later on with the use of the phrase, "the only soothing thing was water", the poet mirrors the terrible condition of the soldiers during wars. ...read more.


This feeling gets highly intensified in the last stanza when the poet says, "I was alive in the midst of great loving, which is all I have ever wanted". This phrase displays the fact that the soldiers don't crave to fight, even they want a peaceful life. But they do it for the sake of others which to their misery no one realizes. Thus to conclude the poet through this poem demonstrates the feeling and the emotions of the soldiers. He tries to say that even they want peace in their lives but they fight so that we remain safe. In addition to this he also opposes the very common perception which most of us have developed that a soldier longs and thrives to fight. Not only this thought but the poem also covers one more aspect, of how the governments have left their soldiers on the border fronts to die. Throughout the poem the poet makes use of first person narrative. This provides a great deal of help to him as it firstly encapsulates the reader into joining the action and secondly allows him to mirror the soldier's extreme long for peace. ...read more.

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