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Text Type - Speech on Genetic Engineering

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U.E. ACADEMIA WASHINGTON English Teacher: Stephanie Mitchell 11th grade "A" Text Type 2 Speech Claudia Guevara April 8, 2010 Audience: The United Nations General Assembly (comprised of heads of state, country delegations, diplomats, and politicians, among others). Purpose: To inform and persuade other nations about the importance of setting ethical guidelines for human genetic engineering. Register: High Diction: Lack of colloquialisms, sophisticated/political vocabulary Tone: Formal, urgent, respectful, serious, sincere, persuasive Stylistic Devices: Use of rhetorical questions, repetition, hyperbole Mr. Secretary General, fellow delegates, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, good morning. It is my honor to come before you today to speak about an issue that I am certain will be extensively debated in the years to come. It is not my wish to lecture or to attack points of view that differ from my country's own, but to address the aspects of this new and important prospect. ...read more.


By studying our genes, scientists have the potential to find cures for these diseases, even such previously incurable ones such as Alheizemer's and cancer. So why does a technology that can bring such benefits to our lives need to be regulated? The answer to this question is simple: as a future issue, we do not yet know what consequences genetic engineering may bring. Many may think that it is illogical to create legislation regarding a technology that is still largely unknown, but previous experiences tell us that it is difficult to create an effective and comprehensive policy after a technology is in full-fledge. Therefore, we must find it in ourselves to act now while we have the opportunity. One of the possible consequences of genetic engineering is the narrowing of the diversity of the human race. Genetic engineering for the enhancement of the human race can put an end to characteristics that are considered imperfect. ...read more.


Though my purpose is to highlight the importance of the creation of laws or policies that will guide human genetical engineering, you may wonder why I have not presented any solutions. It is my belief that at this moment we must first understand the importance and implications of human genetic engineering before we delve into any kind of legal process. The very trajectory of human life on earth can be altered by genomics. But I must stress an important point. Speeches alone will not solve these dilemmas. Constant action has to be taken if we intend to come to a consensus we can all be in agreement with. Every day that passes hundreds of people die as a product of a genetic disease. We hold in our hands the ability to resolve the problems at hand and permit genetic engineering to reach its full potential without ethics or conflicting policies holding it back. Genetic engineering has given us the power to alter the very basis of life on earth. Help us make sure that this change is for the best. Thank you for your attention. ...read more.

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