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The Battle of Homework

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The Battle of Homework Everyday, billions of adolescents walk home with book-bags weighing millions of pounds stuffed with papers, books and utensils that they are going to need for their homework every night. Homework directly translates to pain and suffering. This torture is implemented upon students by the teachers on a daily, never-ending basis. This constant battle between the teachers and the students has a very negative impact on both of their lives. Homework is something that should be eliminated due to the mental stress it causes for both the givers and receivers, it harms more than it helps, and creates a waste of time and has an overall negative effect. The most obvious reason for homework to be rid of is the high amounts of mental stress that is brought about by it. ...read more.


They could not be more wrong! They believe that regardless of the short-term consequences that the students face, it will benefit them in the long run. However, recent studies have shown that the teachers forcing this unnecessary work upon the lives of children, actually does not result in a positive outcome. The teachers choose to assign homework out of the goodness of their hearts, but in the end they are destroying the lives of so many. This constant struggle between the young learners of our nation and the great educators of society draws out a vast amount of time from the Bank of Time. When the teachers assign excessive amounts of homework, not only do they take away the valuable time of the kids, but they also deprive themselves from living a normal life. ...read more.


It is the profound belief of many that homework should be removed from the academic syllabus once and for all. As explained, this type of horrible punishment is inhumane towards both the givers and the receivers. Not only does it create mental stress in the minds of students all over the world, it also imprisons them in a tedious way of living. This dangerous process, also known as "homework," damages the stable ground of childhood more than it nurtures it. This destroys the possibility of any growth and development within the society of the younger generations. The overall time that is spent completing and grading these horrific tasks is creating a major deficit in many people's lives. Overall, homework attacks the day to day activities of a normal human being, creating a sense of fear and anxiety. We need to put an immediate halt to this gruesome, horrendous and dreadful battle forever. ...read more.

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