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The Criticism Behind 'Brave New World"

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In the book 'A Brave New World', Huxley has created a hypothetical world where problems do not exist. However to eradicate all problems in the world, some changes had to be made in the lives of every human being and in how the world was governed, such as, substituting families by fertilization clinics where human beings are created and brought up by a group of inspectors, which are responsible for teaching every child that everyone is happy in whatever job the have and that every person is responsible to buy and produce as much as possible for the world to by a happier and better place to live in. ...read more.


This is an extrapolation of our modern world, where women are abandoning the idea that a female should save herself to her future husband and are being each day more available to open relationships. Another exaggeration created by the author is the fact that in the novel, science and technology have taken over the world with dominating helicopters and gigantic chimneys (created to spread the aches of cremated humans to be used as fertilizers in agriculture). Extrapolating the fact that today we are researching and investing more and more on how we can create our world a more accessible and practical place for everyone and how our disposals and wastes may be recycled not to increase the level of pollution and unwanted chemicals in the earth, to avoid deadly diseases and destroying natural consequences. ...read more.


I believe his intention is the criticize the world in which we are living today and to make us reflect in how we shouldn't allow materialism to take over our lives and replace our feelings of love to a cold and relentless idea that "a consumer world is a better world". Also, how we can be more aware of how we shouldn't behave like 'robots' (everyone the same), whereas be satisfied and proud of who we as different individuals are. In my opinion the book is also a criticism to how nowadays we as a society are only caring about our own greed and appearances and should remember the meaning of love and sympathy to others and implant them into our daily lives. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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