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The Stone Angel Essay

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The Stone Angel Hagar Shipley is main character in The Stone Angel written by Margaret Laurence and goes through a rough life after growing up in the little town of Manawaka, Canada. At the age of ninety, she realized how stubborn and reserved she was to people she was closest to, her father, her brothers and her own son. In Hagar's younger years she was skating on the pond with Dan and Matt, her brothers when one of the, Dan, fell in the pond skating backwards, trying to impress some ladies. Back home Matt then asked Hagar to get and put on the old plaid shawl their mother used to wear, then comfort Dan who has pneumonia, just as their mother used to comfort the boys when they were little. ...read more.


She was taught to be stubborn, selfish and emotionless. Hagars relationship to her own father was not the greatest since he never treated her the way a father is supposed to by showing pride of his girl, treating her with respect and actually show emotions, rather then just nodding after she has done something correctly: When I repeated them all through [...] he'd nod. Thats all he'd ever say, when I got it right. He never believed in wasting a word or a minute. Pg. 7 She was taught to be the cold-hearted lady and never to sympthasize with anyone. Hagars entire life was a tragedy, she did not even hug her own son before he left to fight in the war. ...read more.


While I was hesitating, he spoke first. Pg. 129 Hagar is embarrassed of hugging her own son, as she says she does not want him to think that she would have taken leave of her senses, which, for her, was the total emotionless, stubbornness and monotonuesness. Hagar even hesitates to talk to him, she is totally lost with the feeling of insecurity about herself, her life and the way she lived it. Those four incidents show how tragic Hagar was in her 'lost life', her own world created by herself with her stubbornness and her father, drilling into her head that showing emotions to anyone is the weakest thing to do. Hagar, ninty years old, does not know what emotions are, does not know what love is or even feels like. "You call that love." Lady, if that wasn't, what is?" "I don't know. I just don't know, I'm sure." Pg. 228 ...read more.

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